:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)


Well, that’s your opinion. I don’t share it.


Heretic heretic burn the heretic :lou_lol:


You’re right. It’s better than I deserve.


Reality is on my side with that statement, belief and hope aren’t credit.


No, it’s still your opinion. I too have an opinion and it’s different to yours. But is reality subjective or objective? Is there, in fact, even such a thing as objective reality? And what exactly does “belief and hope aren’t credit” mean?


It’s a shame Hoedt is prone to charging out of defence to try and make tackles that are unlikely to be successful against players who already have one of our players closing in on them. Twice yesterday he left his man who is then in on goal. 90% of his play is OK, but he has to stop these moments of madness if he’s going to progress as a player.


Believe and hope isn’t fact, closer to fact is we’re a poor football team playing as individuals.
Believe what you want but you’re further away from this reality than me.


You see, unfortunately for me probably, I tend to lean towards @Fowllyd’s assessment. I thought yesterday, when we could play, we played not too badly.

Unfortunately our end product let us down.

Here is our shooting stats from yesterday


Yeah they were long range shots that were on target but 2 of them brought great saves out of their keeper.

I know we’re not very good, I know we’re nowhere near the level we were a couple of seasons ago but we’re not as bad as you make out, honestly we’re not.


When was the last time we got behind a defence?
We were a better “team” under Puel but played less attractive football.


We actually got to the byline and “behind” the defence on quite a few occasions yesterday, we have been all season.


Crosses whipped in?
I can’t recall once yesterday where we broke behind their defence in space to cross a ball, correct me if I’m wrong.


When Ings ballooned it over the bar from 3’ out??

Bertrand and Redmond are far better at it on the right that Soares on the left…


We have no pace to get behind, we also run out of ideas at the 18 yard box so we stutter and the attack fizzles out, this is a huge creativity problem.
We have little pace.
No genuine creative player who can unlock a defence or find space for players.
No hardman in the midfield.
Certainly no leaders.
The defence is woeful.
The attack the same, need a goal? Send on Long!



Those bastards at Astro Supersports are showing the whole game again I will let you know if we improve on the match I saw yesterday.


I fear not.


You were right again Barry.

Bertrand got booked for moving the ball to where the free kick actually happened again.
Ings still missed from 3 yards out.
and why they never wanted to get out of our penalty area in the first twenty mins I still have no idea.


So you have not even seen Bertrand’s great pass, move and run behind the defence and pinpoint cross then? Figures


Must have been washing my hair, I did see his poor technique in his effort on goal though.


Maybe if you’d watched the game



I do and did watch the game, enough to know we are in serious trouble.