:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)

:saints: v :chelseafc:

  • Like Lawro I’m on glue, Saints win easy
  • Bore Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Sarri’s Blue Army snatch a last gasp victory
  • Crushed and humiliated by the Blues

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not a lot here yet But I think we are fucked

Lawro prediction

I know Saints have not won at home yet, and the Blues have not lost away but I think we will see that run of results reverse on Sunday, and I suspect Ings is going to play a big part.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Chris’s prediction: 0-3

Lawro’s on the fucking glue.


Its only just been three years since we won 3-1 at the Bridge (yeah that game when it should have been 5). Sigh.

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Given this fixture was arguably our most ridiculous result last season, ie somehow turning a two nil lead into a defeat, at home, with less than thirty minutes to go, its hard to see any points drifting our way on Sunday.

I predict a Bazza monologue on how shit we are

Come the end of 90 minutes, he might have a point - unlike Saints

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Distinctly remember this. I was coming back from holiday and when I was walking to baggage reclaim in Gatwick we went two nil up. By the time i’d got into the cab queue we were 3-2 down. And the fucking cabbie had a Chelski air freshener thing hanging from his rear view mirror.

However, i remain positive about the game on Sunday. i think we can get something from this game, but only if we send Hazard to hospital in the first ten minutes.


Come on chaps, positivity, we hammered Everton on Tuesday, our first win at Goddison since little baby Jesus departed this world, the team will be on a high and confidence will be flowing.

More pertinently I will not be there.

2-1 to the Saints

Poll added to the OP

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I am not even going to waste my hard earnt beer tokens on this one.

Not that I’m being defeatist or anything but I may have triple captained Hazard after spending 4 points to ensure I had 3 Chelsea players in my team…


Stadium will be empty.
Nobody will be watching the second half on tele or live streams…

Because the new Dr Who starts Sunday night :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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Ummm, it’s a 14:15 KO, so should be over by 16:00:

Jodie isn’t on our boxes until 18:45!! I know traffic leaving Soton can be bad but…

FFS bloody Discourse translating kick off times into my local time.


Having watched the league gruel we’ve been served up of late, and casting @SO5-4BW as the workhouse master, I cupped my hands and said “please, sir, I want some more”.

“More?” he said. “But you’ve already had the opportunity to watch us fuck up a lead against Brighton!”.

“But I’m still hungry”, I pleaded.

Laughing maniacally, he filled my bowl to the brim by letting me have his ticket for Chelsea.

Ha hey! Bletch is out to play!


Just remember its on Sunday afternoon not Saturday eh?

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We are shit and no monocle is needed to see that.

WTAF is wrong with @BTripz?

OK, let me narrow that down a bit. WTAF is wrong with @BTripz in respect of his inability to construct a poll that lets everyone vote?

I want to say Chelsea will win, by one or two in a hard-fought game. I have to either have us humiliated or state that Chelsea will win in a last-gasp effort.

I seem to remember he did the same against Wolves.


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Radio City (the top commercial Liverpool radio station) didn’t think we were shit when recounting the cup game with Everton. Said we’d played well and deserved to prevail.

We will probably lose against Chelsea, but it doesn’t mean we’re shit. We need to learn to kill off games. Everyone expected to get tonked by a then rampant Liverpool, but that 2-2 with Brighton was brutal.

I have to limit my complaints though. I don’t go to many of the games anymore.

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We’re shit compared to what we were.
We’re shit compared to where we want to be.
We’re shit compared to Bournemouth.

No team spirit and fold like cards.
A journeyman manager who’s has never done anything.
We’re going backwards.

We’re in deep shit.

Stat: Leicester City have won more Premier League games at St Mary’s in the past 10 months than Southampton.

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