:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)


Meh, save it for the run in & then wet the bed if we’re in the do-do with half a dozen games to go.


I’d rather a repeat of last season to be avoided.


But weren’t the seasons where we avoided relegation on the last day ones to savour rather than finishing mid table with no recollection of what the team were fighting for?


Not when we have the money not to be in this situation.


I’ve come to the conclusion you would be moaning about lack of investment even if we were sitting in second place 15 points ahead of the team in third.


I’m with @Barry-Sanchez. I’d rather avoid a repeat of last season too…

…his constant whining and moaning gets you down, season after season.

If you don’t want a repeat Bazza, perhaps stop calling for the head of our managers all the time and support the team instead?

Go on, make Saints your second team. We could do with the support.



From who/where?
SURELY you have followed the leaks regarding that. As well as the documentary proof of the change to Chinese investment laws, or Landers’ annual reports.


Our owners have a great past concerning no investigations to bribes and corruption…


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that.


Who says they’ll be our owners forever?


Nothing last forever other than your shite bants Pap.


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Explanation of Mo’s injury and absence from the team. He’s not a happy bunny


Happy to risk the ankle for the country though. Why haven’t we pulled him out