:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)


Wasn’t expecting a good game so they haven’t disappointed so far…

Surprised we’re only one down tbh


Romeu on fro Bednerak, back to a back 3??


Fuck sake, don’t lean back when shooting…


Bertrand, poor technique that.


Poor marking there


That is quite possibly the wankest defending and marking I have ever fucking seen.


Hughes has to go now, we have to ascertain January signings of genuine proven premiership quality or we’re fucked here, totally fucked, its the manner of defeat, fuck me more fight in the tyro league.


Another yellow card, this carries on we’ll be lucky to have 9 on the pitch at the end.


That will improve, the atmosphere is shite as well, embarrassing.


Desperately needing a goal and Southampton send on Shane Long, this is like relying on a 1980’s skoda to get you through the 24 hour Le Mans…


Actually I think we weren’t too bad in the second half. The usual inability to score though. The main problem is that Chelski have better quality in their team.


Long range shots mean we can’t break down teams and that is exactly it, 3 games without a goal, no comfort blankets, honesty needed, we’re shit.


Bored of your cut and paste negativity each week Barry.

I’m off to do something more constructive.



The cut and paste should concern you greatly, you won’t find anything anywhere with positive things to say other than the official site, enjoy.


Woo hoo!
It isn’t my fault!
Turned off all social media, watched a movie and we still played like shit.
Can get back to being a masochist in 2 weeks tgen


Probably sums it up.


Bazza on the money again. The Sotonians oracle, scourge of the bookies!


Its not rocket science, we’re shite so its worth a punt. I didn’t have a bet strange though as I was going to do a double with a Liverpool win but the odds were shit so didn’t go for it, lucky really.


Well, what did anybody expect? I mean, really? Chelsea are an excellent team in great form, who just happen to have the best player on the planet in their team. Did anyone expect anything better than what we got today?

Now, we could and should have scored when Danny Ings somehow managed to scoop the ball over the bar from a yard or three out. Had that gone in, we would have been in front, and the world would have had an immortal video definition for the phrase “against the run of play”. But would we have lost anyway? Of course we fucking would. Why? See above.

We didn’t play badly, though the first 20 minutes or so were tough watching as I thought we’d never actually get the ball. Things got less awful after that, at least in terms of share of play and the match looking like a match and not a bizarre training session for Chelsea. Can’t say I thought we lacked effort or heart, we just weren’t as good as them. And we did at least show some flexibility in formation, not just a straight 4-4-2.

Personally, I’d like to see us line up similarly to the way we started the second half. Four at the back (my pick would be Cedric, Vestergaard, Yoshida and Bertrand), three in front of them (Lemina, Hojbjerg, Romeu) and another three in front of them (Redmond, Armstrong, Ings). Will it happen? Fuck knows. If not though, why the fuck did we buy Armstrong? He looked good in that first game, got injured during it, and has hardly been seen since.


We’re a collection of average players. there is no football team you can assemble from that squad that isn’t brittle, there are no leaders and there is no team ethic.