:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (PL)


Anyone meeting for a beer beforehand?

I will be meeting @Fowllyd somewhere at some time so why not join us?


I’m feeling frivolous, might stick a fiver on Saints winning 1-0 with Redmond getting on the scoresheet, should win me about a gazillion pounds :lou_sunglasses:


0-3 Chelsea.


You can get odds around 6/5 for no Southampton goalscorer, stick a tenner on that Baz and you can buy me a pint with the winnings :lou_wink_2:


@saintbletch Heading back to Southampton now from a weekend away. Probably going to pop into BD as there was an Arundel tap takeover yesterday; the Maple, Chocolate & Coffee Stout has my name all over it.

Will be there about 1pm if anyone wishes to join. I’ve got a growler of 9.5% imperial stout to drink en route, so will probably be pretty merry by then.


Sorry @ant, just heard from @Fowllyd that my ticket to the match will be in his pocket and his pocket will be at The Rockstone.

There is also a bus replacement service to and from Eastleigh and St Denys so timing is at the whim of South Western Rail’s bus drivers. Might have to drive especially as I’m hanging today.

BTW I tried BD’s Clockwork Tangerine yesterday and enjoyed it.

WTF was that iStout nonsense you checked in last night? 12%?

At least it proved that your rating slider goes past 3.5!


Nae bother.

Yeah, I was going to be dropped at Pokesdown to get the train the rest of the way but rail replacement buses have made timings an absolute pain.

Broke out some specials from the stash! It was the Unchained version of iStout. Imperial stout from New Zealand - the brewers aged it for 3 years in Pinot Noir barrels/spiked it with brettanomyces yeast.

Fucking tasty!


Watching this start we are going to get hammered


fuck sake our players have the movement of the exhibits at Netley steam rally


Have they ever thought about trying to attack the opposition players just standing and backing off all the time.


Its makes you wonder if we looked at the black box and went for the lowest speed stats on every fucker.


A free kick on the half way line and they go fucking backwards

Why what is the point in that the goal we need it near is at the other fucking end.


Ings puts it over the bar from 3 yards from a Redmond cross better from Saints.


Bollocks Hojburg fails to clear and ends up with Hazzard putting it in the back of the net


That is why we’re shit and weak, a stupid lazy mutant pass and blindly turning when having recieved said wank pass.

We’re fucking shit.


were not that good Barry


I know we’re probably helping them but Chelsea do look good, better than what I’ve seen of Liverpool and City this season




I think I might remove my eyes with a spoon.


Well I have only been saying for a long long time, this is a slack, mentally weak and lazy team, what makes it damning of Hughes and the backroom team is individually these players are mediocre Premiership players not the shite ones we’re seeing, fuck we’re shit to watch as well.

How far have we fallen in 36 months?