:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


Do you really want to run the risk of understanding them?


I’ll rearrange my words when the team (loosely termed) rearrange the performances and results.
Jack Stephens a defender ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa


And to boot we’re fucking skint.
All the money going on wank players wages, what a shitshow.


I thought Gao took all the money.
This is getting confusing. Does he know the players have already taken it all?


He hasn’t spent it has he and the money we do have is tied up on wank players we can’t sell.
Did Gao buy the club with his own money?
How much has he invested?


So you’re now saying he hasn’t taken money out?
Or he has, even though he really hasn’t?
Or(outside bet, this one) he really has, but no one but you knows how he did it?


I’m saying where is the money?
I’m saying how did he buy the club?
Him with his track record raised eyebrows by the more knowledgeable fans at the time and now even the most cock eyed inbred can see this is a bad deal for the club and its fans.
Fat Kat couldn’t wait to flog it to her mate, due diligence my arse.


I can’t be arsed to spend too much time looking up stuff to answer you questions about Gao and the club Barry - you could easily find out yourself but I guess you get more enjoyment with your continual whining

Anyway, here’s a starter for 10 / a bit of easy reading:





That means nothing.

Didn’t Fat Kat say on the sale and of the selling of players we’d only sell if we were going to strengthen.
I get the impression Gao would love to sell the players, team and ground and say how profitable the club is…


Ffs Barry

That was just to get you started

Spend some time researching your questions for yourself- all I did was to start you off and yes, those links did tell you how Gao got the money.

Now be a good boy and stop trolling eh?


Not trolling at all.

Are you happy with Gao and Liebherr at the helm of the club?
With Kruegar as the mouthpiece?
Not that you hear fuck all from them mind.


Great to see you guys, loved tge St Cocqulline or whatever cider
Great to watch 1st half but.
I do believe i mentioned we cant play a central 3 of JWP, Oriel & PEH at home and today they showed why, all 110% fine players but no guile.
Stephens would have been my MotM until his brain fart. Bollocks time to drink GFB & avoid a wet Bletch on his walk.


Why do you confuse yourself so much?
You, yes you, have already answered that question, unless this was made up bullshit.

Which one Barry?

Were you in a coma at the time? There was a lot of info available, as @Cobham-Saint has provide.

Thanksfor the compliment(go back and check :wink:).

Always have to wait for that comatose state to wear off.

You really have a problem with her weight, don’t you? She’s not the brightest by the looks of it and wanted out.
As for due diligence, you should be complaining to the fa, about their wank weak rules and how they ignore even that piss poor effort at the definition.


Didn’t the FA change the rules after Gao took over?
I think they knew they fucked up.


How do you know she is not the brightest?
I don’t have an issue with her weight in the slightest, she is a fat cat for selling, her name fits.


Very disappointing to say the least. It’s like Groundhog Day. Redmond in the first half going for goal from an impossible angle when three are waiting in front of goal. But to get an equalizer in injury time then concede, FFS. Given our position these are the games we must win, let’s face it if we can’t beat Cardiff at home there’s nothing down for us. The only consolation is that i watched the game in the Everton bar, on the second TV which dulled the pain a little bit.
The minutes silence, though poignant, was a bit weird to be honest. Of course it was a tragic accident but watching the Cardiff supporters holding up cards saying ‘Forever in our hearts’, some of them even openly crying. Get a grip FFS, he never even played for you. Diana Spencer has a lot to answer for.


It was on another forum and I agree.

Name 3 outstanding Southampton players at the club or name 3 players who have played outstanding for the club over the last 12 months?

I can’t.


I don’t Barry. That’s why I wrote this.

If you read other people’s posts and reply to what was said, life would be much easier for all. How about giving it a go?

Good answer. Dodgy ground if you say it with reference to other things though.


Would anyone care to discuss the game? I think that would be nice, shite though the game was. Me, I thought Hojbjerg had a poor match, especially by his standards - lots of little passes went amiss, gave the ball away a good few times, dithered at times as well. Not like him at all. I think Phil’s point about the midfield trio if a good one - against a team like Cardiff, at home, we need one player with more creativity than any of the three on show today could provide.

Long had a pretty poor game - you can normally rely on him to give the opposition defence a lot more gip than he did today. I thought Valery played well until he was sliced in half. Stevens played really well until his crucial (and horrible) intervention right at the death. Redmond wasn’t at his best, which definitely blunted any edge that we might have had.

I think we struggled to play against a team that was pretty much happy to let us have the ball, and sit back in resolute (and often desperate) defence. So we had the ball most of the time (haven’t seen any stats but that was certainly how it looked from the Kingsland), but didn’t create anything like the chances we should have. So there’s more learning to be done.

Their goals both came from defensive fuck-ups. First one from their first corner and first shot on target, unless I missed either earlier in the match. We need to keep our concentration; we didn’t. More learning there then.

On a brighter note, great to see @Bucks, @SO5-4BW, @Saint-CD, @SimplySaint and @Dubai_Phil and his mates, and also to meet @Simon-says (and his dad) in the Stable before the game. Almost made up for what was to come.


Agree with all of this. Also thought Ralph left the subs too late by at least 15 minutes. Long was never going to be a threat getting in behind a defence squatting on its own 18 yard line so Austin should have come on earlier. I would have taken Hojbjerg off and put anyone other than Elyounoussi on. The tea lady maybe?