:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


If you can’t see it after I’ve been saying it for a season there is no fucking hope, none at all.
This board has gambled on our status whilst giving themselves huge dividends, where is the money?


All came from a fuckawful pass from Stephens. Felt like a goal as soon as he fucked that up.


He is one cunt of a player I tell you.


Nuns let me down…


Hassenhutl walks off shaking his head, he is also to blame in some part for picking Stephens, hopefully now people on here can see how shit he is.


Words fucking fail me. Apart from “Im getting badly pissed and will probably lump some cunt later.”
Signing off now.


That’ll be Stephens who scored the equaliser in 90+1?


Who has lost 3 points then in the last 2 games for us, he is shit, fucking shit, go on other sites if you merely think its me, this is the most clapperest site concerning our shite last 3 years of football I can tell you.
It was argued Summer is the best time to do business, I agree, we didn’t buy the sufficient quality or anywhere near it so what do we do in the Winter transfer window? Repeat that mantra ie gamble and say the same and sell and not buy anyone.
This window the next one the summer one we’ll be buying but buying for Championship players not the ones we should have bought or visioned but we’re run by fucking clowns, gamble and moneyball well and truly failed.


As I said earlier Barry: Repetitive

Can’t you give it a rest?

We know what you think…you keep on and on and on with the same old message.

If it means that much to you go and knock on Ralph/Kat/Gao’s door and tell them. Stop bleating on here. This ain’t the place to change things.

It’s frankly boring and irritating.

Are you being paid by Fiver Web to drive people away from here?


This is a football forum, I don’t think its a shock fans and supporters will be upset the way the club has been run in the last 5 years really, we’ve no identity, no soul and we’re shit to boot.
Hope? Hope was trampled upon and killed a long time ago concerning our football club.


I have hope Barry. Hope you shut the fuck up.


Its the arrogance of the club that get me. Never ever learn


They’re pricks, the 7 fans onboard in China have now burnt their shirts and change allegiance to Burnley.


Yes a football forum not a bloody repeats channel…ffs don’t you get it?

We know what you think about the club, move on…say something new or different for a change. It’ll give us a rest.


Well disagree, agree?
I’ll keep saying it until we change, you don’t just say something once and than say I’d said that in 1985 so it still stands…


Thought Long was poor today

Cardiff are a horrific side to watch - I would shoot my self if I had to watch that every week

They sat back to the extent that Stephens was stood with the ball at his feet and they still didn’t close


A good tactic for the opposition to deploy.


They knew over the period of the game he’d fuck it up and sure enough…


Barry, you just don’t get it do you?

We know the club / players need to do better.
But a weekly full-on meltdown from you saying exactly the same things each time is tiresome.

Rearrage the words, say something new or for the hell of if, maybe say something positive, but just give it a rest will you…


I think after today he won’t figure again, he can’t surely.