:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


If teams sit back you have 2 options and we don’t have either.

Physical and long ball and feed of 2nd phases or

You pass quickly and tire them until space appears later on.

We’re fucked.



Yeah, I hoped when I saw we were making a substitution that Armstrong would be coming on. I assume Ralph must see something in Elyounoussi, but I’m not sure just what. He tries hard, but that’s about it. I’d have liked to see Gallagher get a bit more time on the pitch than he did - had no real chance to get into the game. And yes, I’d agree that all the subs were too late.

And I missed you out in the Stable mentions - I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.



100% on the subs being too late. Can only assume Armstrong was injured or ill because that game cried out for his type of game.






Great to meet you all, sorry it was so brief.

Very accurate assessment of the game from my perspective also. Albeit another from the Kingsland!

We may do better against teams with even the slightest ambition to play football and hold possession of the ball. The last 3 games against well organised blocks of 4-4-2 have been a struggle to break down. The pressing game is somewhat ineffective against such opposition.

Trying not to dwell on it too much because that hurt.



You got me there, Bob. In my defence I have to say that I didn’t read through the thread - I went straight to the end, saw that it had been infected with a very nasty case of Barry and decided to just post away regardless.



Saintsplayer was buffering terribly for me(gave up), so all accounts of what happened are appreciated.
What’s going on with Armstrong? As you/Phil mentioned, he makes a difference against this kind of opposition play, whereas Long never has.
To early for Ralph out?


:grey_question: How's Che Adams getting on?

Utter fuckwits and scumbags

BBC News - Southampton fans caught making Emiliano Sala Cardiff City taunts



Scum morelike, fucking vermin.



Armstrong picked up a calf injury in training, I believe.
Random thoughts - Agree with the comments about our obvious lack of ability to break down teams who put 10 behind the ball. We were back to the “dish” of too many players around the opposition - wing to halfway line to wing. Not enough movement or skill to penetrate the defence often enough. Yet Cardiff left big areas of space and it was our defenders who seemed most willing to use that and not the midfield.
Bertrand’s whole game was woeful and we missed Targetts early ball in behind the defence after the breakdowns and why in the 2nd half did they always try to get down the left when our best wing back was on the right?
It’s obvious our fit strikers are not of sufficient quality to score enough goals to keep us up. We will have to rely on midfielders. Coupled with an inability to keep a clean sheet, this is worrying.
Redmond has improved a lot, but his decision making and first touch passes are usually shite. Much better running onto a ball when he’s the only one in on goal.
McCarthy cannot command his box and seems as quiet as a mouse.
Thought Stephens, Valery, Bednarek and Romeu were the best players we had.
Took my youngest to the game. She doesn’t go to all home games and we figured out she last saw us win 3-2 v WHam, beginning of last season. 11 games attended and two birthdays later, she’s ready to jack it in. :confused:



I agrred with all you said BTW, just thought that i’d highlight that you and i had similar thoughts. Whic is a bonus for me :+1:

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@SimplySaint and I were figuring out that the last win we saw at SMS was against Everton in 2017. Can’t see us attending any more this season after yesterday. I’m normally a glass half full person but the last 24 hours has really got me doubting we can stay up. Add up £70 for tickets, 8 hour round trip plus diesel and parking just to see that and I think people will also feel the same. I’ll still make the Stable when we’re at the MIL as that was the highlight of my day yesterday. I shall join you all in spirit from the comfort of my warm sofa. We limp on. COYR



They’re prats alright, but this hysterical overreaction to their twattishness is a bit feeble in the scheme of things. Of course it’s tragic that two men died, but “Forever a Bluebird”? Really?? Until he got linked with a move there I doubt any Cardiff fan had heard of Sala, let alone seen him play. Even with the advent of social media I can’t believe he’d had time to establish any rapport with them. I could understand them thinking “what else can go wrong, we sign a striker to try and stay up and he gets killed on the way to Wales without kicking a ball for us…” Obviously I fully sympathise with everyone connected with him, it’s desperately sad for a lad in his twenties to lose his life, but this weird outpouring just seems over the top to me. (I’ve seen comparisons with Markus, but that was was completely different, he had literally saved our club and built a solid relationship with the fanbase in much the same way as the Leicester owner recently.)



Well the fans and media have well and truly fucking hammered us for that performance and defending once again and rightly so, that game I believe is the game that is/was the catalyst that sent us down, I know totally think we’re going to be relegated.
Our next 6 games I can see maximum 4 points and think we may need 37/8 points to be safe or there about, we can’t do that after going by this season and yesterday.



Complete and utter dick, though MLG makes a good point or two

Edit: I wasn’t calling MLG a dick in the above btw.



Edit… He is though, tbf. :grin:



Hopefully see you guys again soon.



Cardiff now trying to get out of paying the bill, suggesting his price had been inflated by his agent, that he hadn’t been registered with the PL, and also negligence by Nantes for the pilot not having the correct licence for commercial flights.

Meanwhile, Warnock is quoted as follows;

“It was important for us to come and pay the respect to the family,” Warnock said.

“People tell me: ‘He never played for you,’ but he was my player, I signed him, we had two or three conversations and he told me he would score the goals to keep Cardiff in the Premier League.”

Oops. :grimacing: