:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)



Thanks, now I’ll know where not to go if I’m after a 5.6% citrusy IPA from Bogata, Columbia.

Let’s go about this a different way…do you know any of these places?


Avoid Spoons. Some of my list is on yours. Cathedral is grim think disco pub Village is a long walk out of town but Deacons is on the way back into town
Cloisters used to be good


The Chapter House is a very good restaurant, but I wouldn’t see it as a pub. They also have a very strict shirt policy, so best not try it.


Am I the only one who is wondering why we are discussing Salisbury beer houses on a match thread. FFS guys. COYR


Yeah, sorry about that, because your bus replacement service will definitely impact the game.

Hope you make the connection in time for the match because that will mean a clean sheet.




On our way, where are you lot sat?


Bertrand is back…


FFS not only is @Saint-CD down the boozer but @Simon-says is there too :disappointed_relieved:


And polish phil.


Why? Is he a bit dusty? Boom Boom! :fox_face:




That Gunnarsson has a dangerous throw, twice now we’ve been beaten at the near post by it


And a cracking time was had by all. Have to recommend the Mango cider but might be edged by the rhubarb cider. Got to work on my 5 a day. The top report though was the Curry Pizza special which was … special. The weather forecast in Southampton is fookin knobbling with a mild hint of leek. COYR


I’d be putting Austin on soon if it stays like this. Long doesn’t look 100% and we need somebody a bit more purposeful up there because we are getting in some decent positions. Particularly through Bertrand.



Crying out for Armstrong too.


Not liking the look of this game at all so far. I can see us dropping a careless goal on the counter, and Cardiff shutting up shop.


68 mins and Cardiff have their first corner…wait for it…


Fucking hell.


Was I wrong or was I wrong??