:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


TBH you’re probably better off parking in Salisbury and getting the train in. It’ll certainly be quicker.


grosvenor square multi storey.



06 February 2019


Clinicians will screen football fans for diabetes for the first time in the UK on Saturday (09 February) when Southampton host Cardiff City at St Mary’s Stadium.

The idea is the brainchild of Dr Mike Sadler, a clinical non-executive director at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, and will identify a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes within five minutes.

Supporters of all ages and genders from both teams will be offered the opportunity to give a finger prick blood sample to measure HbA1c, which is a marker of how much sugar (glucose) has been in the blood over the last two to three months.

This will highlight whether or not a person is at risk of type 2 diabetes or likely to have it. If needed, they will be given a letter to give to their GP along with advice on the next steps.

More than 90% of the 3.5 million people in the UK diagnosed with diabetes have type 2, which is associated with an inactive lifestyle, being overweight and a poor diet.

It is estimated another one million people are undiagnosed and a further 12.3 million are at increased risk of developing it, with middle-aged males a group at higher risk and also less likely to visit their GP for testing.

The condition increases the risk of heart and kidney failure and can lead to stroke, blindness and nerve damage.

Screening, which will be carried out by clinicians led by Dr Mayank Patel, a consultant in diabetes at UHS, and nurses from Solent NHS Trust, is being funded by Southampton Hospital Charity and supported by Saints Foundation and the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

“It is possible to live undiagnosed with type 2 diabetes for months as it does not always cause symptoms but it can cause internal damage, so the earlier it is diagnosed the sooner treatment can begin,” said Dr Patel.

“We know that many people may be at risk of developing the condition and a large number do not attend testing when called for by their GP, so this is an innovative approach at trying to tackle some of those who may be at increased risk.”

Dr Sadler said: “As far as we’re aware this is the first time screening has been carried out at a football match and it is a chance for people to help their health at the same time as supporting their football team.

“If the pilot is successful, we are hopeful this will lay the foundation for potential screening clinics at football grounds across the country to help tackle what is a significant and growing problem.”

He added: “This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the diabetes team at UHS, Southampton Hospital Charity, Saints Foundation and the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation – a fantastic team effort.”

Testing will take place in a marquee next to the Gasworks Lounge outside the Kingsland Stand at St Mary’s from 12pm on Saturday.



I suggest you stay out of the pubs if you are going to do this

I might drag the Old man along for a test - he’ll will accuse me of orchestrating the whole thing to get him to see a quack though


Well that’s you attendees all stuffed then.

Except maybe @SimplySaint who is of an age when scoffing his body weight in sugar will have no effect…


Not this Saturday its Bus Service from Romsey or Southampton Airport to Southampton central.


Holy moley, just found this out ! What’s people’s advice about whether the bus replacement service to Romsey will be a nightmare or not ? Anyone actually used one before ? Is it worth risking ? I’m guessing that most people will now drive into town on Saturday for shopping etc so carparking becomes an issue too ? Might just stick it out but leave a bit of extra time. Harvey and I normally train in from Salisbury (as nanny lives in Amesbury) and at least I can have a beer and not have to drive …

By the way, has anyone else lost the predictive text function when using the forum. Can’t seem to find out why mine isn’t working. It’s a pain with all the apostrophes …


Don’t know about trains - I’m actually heading to Salisbury for a beer walk on Saturday, but the forum has never given you predictive text.

That will be the device you’re using Seedy. Has something changed on the device?


My spell check android has also gone to rat shit.
Bletch is un Salisbury Saturday?
Even better reason to go to Southampton!


Right, you can stop taking the piss and recommend some good coffee shops and Brew pubs.


I hear that Zizzi’s is good there


Is there really that much to walk around in Salisbury? Apart from walking from the train to the town centre (where there a are a few good eateris and drinking holes) and then on to the Cathedral?


Railtrack has the bus taking 27 minutes from Romsey to Southampton. Whether it’s a nightmare or not depends on how busy the service is I guess. I’ve had to use them before and it’s never been too busy so it’s not been bad.

Still 27 minutes from Romsey to Soton Central, on a Saturday, when there are no trains running from Salisbury :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This all sounds so familiar :wink:


If it helps, I BELIEVE the trains between Eastleigh and Salisbury are not impacted.


Just had a quick check and you are indeed correct. Just need to get from Eastleigh to Soton on the replacement bus service :lou_facepalm_2::lou_facepalm_2:



New Inn, Badger,
Market Inn
Wig & Quill
Clock Tower
Wyndham Arms (home of Hopback Brewery)
Brew pubs & craft beer no idea, all those are Ale Houses.


But the one you must visit is The Haunch of Venison by the Poultry Cross.
Find the hand


Yep bags of atmosphere, Oak beams and dark mahogany panneling. :lou_lol: