:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Cardiff :cardiffcityfc: (PL)


Baz only wants us to sign players so he can get in early and predict how shit they will be.


His arm shouldn’t have been there.


Finally Baz talks some sense, yes we all agree Crouchy’s arm should not have been behind Stephen’s back and attached to his hand when pulling on Stephen’s shirt. Glad that is sorted :lou_smiley:


I thought Bazz only wanted to sign players the gave him a hardon, or have I gotten all confused?


Barry did say his hard ons are less frequent now. You can tell by the number of games he attends(don’t ever sit beside him at a match, unless you want to see him :champagne:).


I’m torn, I need help

  • @tigger is correct, @BTripz shouldn’t go to the game
  • :saints: can win with @BTripz at the game, he should go
  • society shouldn’t be forced to endure @BTripz, stay at home man, think of the children

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Do I know you in RL @JxgrSaint? Otherwise that was harsh.


Tbf that was going to be my original choice.

I thought it @ScrabbleSaint did it…


Foresight is both a blessing and a curse sometimes


When I wake up in the morning and I see there have been 54 unread replies on a thread, you just KNOW Baz has been spouting shit again.

Why do you guys fall for it? :lou_facepalm_2:


Well, you’re all saved, apparently we are seeing friends Saturday evening so I can’t go to the football, this despite being promised that I would be able to go.


I’m changing my prediction to 8-0 saints.


you, sirrah, are one of @saintbletch’s favourite drunk words




You know that its not an evening KO?! I have to be back in London for an evening out, so your journey should be ok! :+1:


“Evening” means being at our friends’ house for 16:30, unfortunately.

BTW just added a poll to the OP.


But do you still get morning glory seems to be the main thrust of the thread imho


Get bob to add a poll.


Poll or pill?


A poll to see if people need a pill for their pole.