🏌 Ryder Cup 2018

:golfing_man: Ryder Cup 2018


@Dubai_Phil, could you look into the copyright conditions for posting Getty images?

I’ve heard that they are one of the most aggressive enforces of their copyright over images - even if credited. I’d like to make sure we’re not going to get into any problems if I leave these images here.


[Bletch knows it will be a few days and a hangover later before he gets a response.]


I saw that too - I watched the final 30 mins of the golf. Was more than enough for me.

I shouted at Mrs Bletch “There he is. I think that’s Phil”.

“Is he famous?” asked Mrs Bletch.

“He’s that famous that celebrity’s claim to know him” says I.

“Oh.” replies a bamboozled and disinterested Mrs Bletch.


I don’t understand Phil’s claim “to be living the dream” the two pictures we’ve had of him over the last 3 days he looks fuckin’ miserable. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


In my experience that is as happy as golfists get.


My main questions- I don’t follow golfism so haven’t seen anything on TV.

  1. Did Phil get a Saints top / Sotonians badge on MSM?
  2. If he didn’t find a Saints top did he get the Saints tattoo instead?
  3. If none of the above, is Phil going to make up the donations to the sick kiddies we were going to make if he actually did what he was supposed to?


A quiet afternoon watching golf followed by utter mayhem. I was obviously right in the entire scrum with players & snappers. I ended up holding about £30k of kit. I took over 100 snaps with it and wow do I have some pics and selfies unreal
And what a stunning stuffing


Just get some shit we can raffle.


Hi was a bit busyAA


Astonishing stuff. I’m envious of you. Molinari has been an absolute force of nature.


A Flock of Fleetwoods


The start of the mayhem

That moment when a wall of people are charging and there is just you between the snappers & the players

Tommy being carried down

Saving Francesco, this is when I ended up with the camera gear


Photo of the day

That is the most stressful and exhausting mentally and physically thing I could EVER do. That course looks stnning but being dry it was like walking on ice, I slipped on 7th and took out a Gendarme with a flying Mule kick. At the end, the MBA’s had written protocols, I knew what was coming and was there and I can tell you I WAS thanked for it

But to walk onto those greens alongside Poulter is something I will never forget.
Oh My God doesn’t come close.
Ole Ole Ole Ole Tommy Tommy…

Quiz question for the ages.

Who hit the winning shot in the 2018 Ryder Cup?

Yes, Phil Mickelson :sunglasses: Splash


I cannot promise but I have an idea that may work but it would be for real money. Let me see what stunt I can pull off in November

Meanwhile one Official European Tour Photo done today. The Dubai Marshal Team

And one for my Grandkids

Goodnight, I’m gonna get really drunk now and maybe have a shower.


That’s my fucking exhausted and stressed face


Top work Phil. Now get bladdered.


So, what happened? Did we win?




Team USA came 3rd


For the non golfers.
We had to sit on the grass so as not to obscure the view of spectators, which meant most of the afternoon we were able to admire Pauline.
Possibly the hottest lady (apart from Mrs D_P) I’ve ever chatted with



Yeah but what about Noren’s final putt in the final match. Fuck that it did not matter, that was a brilliant finish to the battering :grinning:


Please translate @Bucks