🏌 Ryder Cup 2018

:golfing_man: Ryder Cup 2018


Good thing happen, make happy.


Like “suckee, fuckee, ten dolla”???


You not seen it? Sunk a fabulous final putt to win the final match. Take that yanks!


Seen it? I was about 2 feet from the edge of the green. I was about the only snapper taking pictures of it with the camera the guy asked me to hold. It was like kicking someone in the nuts while you are stamping on their neck.
The whole bow and everything


What a fantastic tournament. Caught the highlights on Friday and Saturday which was good enough, but watched the whole of yesterday. Brilliant drama and such a superb spirit amongst the European Team. Terrific sport.



So did John Terry join the celebration party dressed in his Ryder Cup Team gear?


Good point there was a suspicious looking post box.
Lots still to come some videos and shit
And this


Whilst I am sorry for her she says she is going to sue the Ryder Cup organisers!! Surely there must be a disclaimer in the entry t&c about being hit by errant balls!!


Duty of care still applicable according to a legal friend apparently - seems no one shouted / warned about the errant ball.




I imagine the equivalent USA video was just someone shouting “get in the hole, Tiger!”


Sounds like a bigger team clusterfuck than Tom Watson’s efforts at Gleneagles
Finally checked in ready to head back to the he’ll of the sand Pit.
I may get slightly pickled having used my expiring air miles to upgrade!


Hope this works.
Just doing my job…
#moments as I know it starts with the back of a head but …


:evertonfc: Everton v Saints :saints: (League Cup)

Just had the most lovely thank-you email from the poor snapper who got squished and who’s camera gear I saved in the melee.
Associated Press no less.
Only 6 weeks until I am back in action again with the DPWTC.



Dubai Phil wont take credit?


wanking the cleaner


It’s Dubai .
Won’t take cheques.
Go Google won’t post a link


Will take Cock


It is the weekend.

There is no proper football.

So here is my cure for insomnia for you.

Part 1 of this years’ golf story