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Here we go then, a thread exclusively for the Ryder Cup.

I know, I know, I have stolen @Dubai_Phil’s thunder somewhat but you know, “With Great Power comes great One Upmanship”


So, Bjorn has made his Captain’s Picks, they being.

  • Paul Casey
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Ian Poulter
  • Henrik Stenson

Discuss @Dubai_Phil


Safe hands selections.
Loved this tweet

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IF Thomas thinks Sergio is focused and working on his game then those are the right picks.
#seemyblog for the definition of pressure on that 1st tee.
Pretty sure we will see Henrik & Justin and Sergio & Rahm as pairings.
Would expect all the rookies to get at least one maybe 2 outings on 1st 2 days. Will think about who pairs up with whom.
Tiger & Bryson will certainly be a pairing.
Mrs D_P heads to Poland Saturday. She is now packing so Sunday I will be getting back into story telling mode.
The blog will be much more of a report.
The planning even at my minion level is immense. Finding time in UK to get a PAYG SIM so I have enough data while outdoors for 7 days.
Down to packing enough washing powder!
With Discourse you guys will get instant behind the scenes uploads direct from the media BEFORE they can report it!
@saintbletch can I upload short video clips direct to here? Name checks and stuff.
Perhaps get the Orange one to comment on his thread? (IF they let him come)


Yep. All good. You’ll be told if the files are too big.


I’m very happy Sergio is in. His energy when he’s in the mood(guaranteed for the RC) will be great for the rookies.
Bet your struggling to concentrate on other things :grin:


It is a nightmare. Been doing the start up funding thing for work but that is on hold for 2 weeks due to people being on holiday. Bored to death
And knowing I’ll get swamped next week and I just want to be in Paris


Good summary

Ryder Cup 2018: Thomas Bjorn’s selection of Sergio Garcia is a calculated gamble - http://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/45425023


Today I am cleaning the storage on my mobile phone.

Finally uploading old videos to back up back up cloud drives. :lou_facepalm_2:

Then to clean up the photos on the phone …


Things are now getting very real.
A lot of volunteers were asking dumb questions, mainly because the back office team were working their stuff out.
This week has seen a steady stream of emails and stuff.
So I now have a team of 6 working with me on Friday & Saturday, I am scheduled to be out on course with PM groups and helping out around the course in the mornings.
Sunday we have teams of 4 or 5 depending who gets the short straws with Tiger & Rory groups.
We’ve created communication links with our teams.
On Monday 24th we’ve got a training session in the media centre. (we have over 1,000 Media People on site with 150 allowed inside the ropes PLUS the TV crews. It is a hell of an operation.
We have course layouts, we have routes to take the media through the different holes, they have viewing platforms, certain areas where all of them can come inside the ropes.

Equally, Mrs D_P begins her journey today - she’s off to Poland for work before crashing my gig to do the Paris tour stuff.
Me? I have a few chores left to do, have to wash my waterproofs with Mountain Warehouse waterproof liquid, organise my walking socks and boots and meds/isotonic drink powders and start packing.
The Blog will now become the main “source of behind the scenes stories”
The only question I have left…

Do I get a flu shot before I leave?
That’s the LAST thing I need to worry about!!!


The last thing to worry about is being kicked of the last flight to Paris :slight_smile:


Luckily being old (so wise) I can always catch a Ferry as I am flying in 2 days early :sunglasses:


I have been refused entry to Ferrry’s in my time and being old is possibly one of them :slight_smile:


Or is it old and obstopabalist


@saintbletch last word I used in the post above deserves a badge.


Or the train. Or steal a boat from Dover…
In the very worst case.



All entry’s covered go for it


David Ginola, Jain (who) and this lot on the Thursday night


Jain’s great!:


I tell ya what, I would LOVE that at a Festival, Dad dancing par excellence.
Not QUITE sure how I’ll enjoy it sober and in uniform though. :sunglasses:

Things have (as expected) ramped up behind the scenes. The flow of information, tasking and pdf’s is now daily. As ever nothing official onto social media yet for obvious reasons.

Basically We have 50 Media crew with 10 team leaders on days 1 & 2. On Tuesday I need to be on course at 7am and will be out with Team Europe in the afternoon practice round. In the morning I’ll be at the crossing point by the TV studio on the 1st Tee helping each group get away.
ONE of my team is flying in from the States. Already packed his shoes for the week. That reminds me I need to get my Team Europe Flag out of storage for the airplane selfie on Wednesday

We’re using “Hi Tech” comms - well, we’ve set up cascading hierarchical Whats App Groups so we can ping those of our team who actually use it! We get 17.50 Euros a day in food vouchers (which could be used for booze BUT I will be bloody driving - stupid planning).

There are now processes in place for us to gain access to the course to collect our passes and documentation and there is a a whole clusterfvck of mis-spelled names on tickets wrong photos, people coming a day late that the back office team are dealing with.

Also, this week we learned this sad news. I’ve never met the guy, but like the rest of us he would have been bouncing off the walls with excitement. Such a sad story, so the gang are working really hard to arrange some form of tribute to him. Maybe you will notice us wearing ribbons or something or maybe just a flower laid where he would have been working. I think it hit everyone how a dream could be snatched away.

Thank you to the Admins for adding me. I am not a Ryder Cup volunteer but I am in need of some assistance, please.

One of my dear friends unexpectedly passed away last week and he was about to fulfill a life-long dream of being a Hole Marshal at this year’s Ryder Cup. He is a member of this group - David Layman. We are all heartbroken and I’m trying to find a way to get in touch with a representative at the Ryder Cup to see if there can be an “In Memory Of” honor for him. I would also like them to know he won’t be there, and see if we can get his welcome package sent to his parents instead, so they can have this last piece of his life.

I’ve reached out to the US PGA Association and am awaiting a call back. If anyone could help get me in touch with someone would could help, we would all be incredibly grateful.

Thank you!

Craig and 38 others joined RYDER CUP 2018 International Marshals & Volunteers (non official) within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community!
Thanks for adding me. I am David Layman life long best friend. He got us to (3 ole golf teamers) go to the 2016 Ryder cup after getting selected as a volunteer. He talked about this trip Everytime I talked to him. After that experience in Minnesota, we decided to start a tradition to go to this amazing event every 2 years around the world - wherever it was. I am so happy about your responses and AJ reaching out to to y’all. I started crying after reading all these posts and kindness shown. Davids mom was so happy to hear this when I talked to her tonight. Just amazing - thank you again for all of your kindness. My buddy Jeremy Randall is still going this year and we will all be watching and remembering. Y’all are awesome!!

RIP David.

42 Years Old. Massive Heart Attack while at work.