🏌 Ryder Cup 2018

:golfing_man: Ryder Cup 2018


You’re like a kiddie in a sweetshop Phil

Good on you



Good luck Phil! Don’t shart on live tv.


Meh… :roll_eyes:
So proud.
To have ruined the breakfasts of so many mates by being on the telly :lou_sad:

It was a sight and the Icelandic handclap stuff was chilling.
No photos today


Don’t worry too much Phil, if Europe doesn’t win they’ll probably get us to vote again.


Why are both teams wearing blue tops FFS


Exclusive info to Sotonians.
USA WAGS wearing Louis Vuitton cashmere gloves with the logos.
I know because 1 of them with 1st group dropped hers.
I gave them back.
Shoot me, because Mrs D_P will make my death more painful

These are sights I’ll never forget. Munching my sarnies in the 1st grandstand watching the 9th green and TV Screen with Ryder Cup radio in one ear and the course manager radio jabbering French in the other ear.


Yay I’m in this left side of tee I am a tiny pixel :sunglasses:


Commentator saying it’s not been vintage McIlory this morning, not made a birdie so far!!

Sounds very much like contemporary McIlroy to me!!


Finau with a huge slice of luck on the 16th, well short, hit’s the wooden retaining wall by the side of the water and bounces with a couple of feet of the hole.


Gulp moment

Now being repeated around the course. Who needs a DJ & pop music…
Guess who parked up in tgat grandstand and fell asleep in the sun.
Utter fail…

Current queue for €9 beers…


The money shot

Alex Bysouth

BBC Sport at Le Golf National

Now, there’s a lot of water at Le Golf National, especially down the closing stretch, so how do the TV cameras go about getting that money shot without being in the way of the action?

Floating around the middle of the largest stretch of drink between the 15th and 18th fairways is a remote controlled camera on stilts, perched on what appears to be a raft.

The device has a got a menacing look to it, like Star Wars doing its scouting badges…


Europe starting with great promise but ultimately falling short.


Afternoon foursomes pairings

Henrik Stenson & Justin Rose v Dustin Johnson & Rickie Fowler

Rory McIlroy & Ian Poulter v Bubba Watson & Webb Simpson

Sergio Garcia & Alex Noren v Phil Mickelson & Bryson DeChambeau

Francesco Molinari & Tommy Fleetwood v Justin Thomas & Jordan Spieth

Surprised that McIlroy is going out again, especially in the foursomes…


Bit of a change around this afternoon, the pairing of McIlroy and Poulter seemed to work


  1. Score: Europe 4-3 US
  2. Stenson & Rose beat Johnson & Fowler 3&2
  3. McIlroy & Poulter beat Watson & Simpson 4&2
  4. Garcia & Noren v DeChambeau & Mickelson 5&4
  5. 4UP Molinari & Fleetwood v Thomas & Spieth (13)


@Dubai_Phil can you get me a personally signed photo from Butch Harmon please


First ever white wash in Foursomes apparently.

Molinari and Fleetwood win 5&4


No it was because I was coaching them.
OMG walking behind them intro 16th green I have goosebumps on goosebumps I swear to God Europe celebrate and John fucking Terry pushed past me to join in lolz


Don’t know if being serious or not but somehow I can see this happening


I swear to God he & Jamie Redknapp


Spoke to Dave Cannon the snapper. He was in the grandstand and reckons he took nearly 200 versions of this shot different lenses and bodies.
He thinks this is one of his best EVER.
Out of all that pro gear THIS was taken with his IPhone