🏌 Ryder Cup 2018

:golfing_man: Ryder Cup 2018



It was a Good Morning…

Waiting for pics to upload so I can link them but slow WiFi.

Amazing behind the scenes day for me. Was the legs for our krew so had to go to Event Control this morning. Meant talking my way past some Gendarmes with Machine Guns, 3 levels of security and I was in the “nerve centre”

A LOVELY lass said Hi Phil “swoon”, have a seat, do you want a coffee, and I sat around for about 30 minutes while chaos rained (I was waiting for some Radio Headsets, I’m an earpiece wanker).
We had calls for Medics to the Press Centre, Health & Safety, a Spectator fell off a hill, Toilets were overflowing, ATM’s broken and the cute turns and says - want another Coffee? Ah bless her. The Head of the Fire Brigade showed me his selfie (with Tiger) it was an eye opener and just chilled.

This PM I looked after Tiger, Leftie, Patrick & Bryson. They went from Green to Tee by Buggy, signed NOTHING, not a single selfie. We finished at 3pm. Tiger went back out on the Range and was still there 2 hours later. (hence how he has recovered I guess)

I caught up with Sergio, Henrik, Francesco & Tommy for a hole. They finished TWO hours behind the Yanks.
They stopped to sign EVERYTHING.

Met one of the Snapper crew who moaned about the regular Marshals not doing anything, then he said “Good to see we have a Professional out on the course” I replied "There are 3 of us from the Dubai Krew running Media Teams, his reply. Fucking brilliant news. Aw, I had a moment.

I stopped behind the 1st Tee for a smoke. This older guy was coming up the Hill with a wheeled Zimmerframe thing. He groaned about the hill and asked if he could join me. What a lovely guy. Turned out he was Steve Holden. He was a Wide Receiver with the Cleveland Browns in the late 70’s his career was ended by a horrific leg break tackle AND a follow up Spear tackle that broke his back. He loved his golf, played on with 6 vertebrae fused and reconstruction of both knees.
In his prime selfie direct from phone later

I asked him whether he had a Superbowl Ring (with a smile) DUDE! I played for the Browns FFS.

Magic moments like that make this such a special thing to be a part of.
I am also proud of myself, turning down the chance of a wander round with Samuel L Jackson & Kurt Russell…
Mainly because there was a risk I’d have to look after Niall bloody Horan and Nick Jonas as well.

Mrs D_P arrived at the gaff and cooked dinner. 2nd bottle of Cotes Du Rhone slipping down nicely. 15.86kms and only walked 8 holes with the Yanks. I’m gonna be utterly fucked by Sunday night (which is about when the Wifi here will have uploaded my pics


Lovely write up Phil(stick with Sergio).
But, onto more important matters.
How’s the tattoo healing?
We don’t want a scabby looking badge on national TV, ok?


I was on site and through security an hour before this

Cutting Sprinkler Heads with SCISSORS!

He’s back!

Formation Bunker Raking

Leftie giving Bryson Golf Lessons - even had him playing LEFT HANDED Flop Shots by the end

I tried holding out a cheque for him to sign…

2 hours since USA finished Team Europe still at it

Some old bloke who needed a buggy to get around (and signed nothing like the rest of the Yanks)

Another has been…

Isn’t Saturday Fancy Dress day?

Steve Holden today what a great guy

Inside that massive Grandstand!
NINE FUCKING EUROS A PINT! (Luckily I get 35 Euros a Day allowance…)

My krew - sod it we can take pictures as well (on Practice days)

More later I need pain meds and alcohol and sleep!


Team Europe teeing off to practice huge crowd someone shouted Ole Ole Noren stepped away conducted the orchestra so whole crowd sang while he hit.
Spine tingling.
Only Wednesday



Today’s moment.
Leftie, Bubba, Bryson & Webb Simpson on 18th tee.
Iconic hole water all down left. Grandstand is packed. Think it was Bryson walks to his ball driver in hand. His buddies turn to the crowd and start them singing and chanting. It was LOUD. Bryson backs off with c’mon guys…
Cheering gets louder.
Bryson SMASHES the ball 100 yards past the other 3 into centre of fairway, makes the others do it.
All shorter than original 3 woods. The noise was insanely loud.
Spine has now officially been tingled.

Captain Jim drives his buggy off 17th green, I step back to get out the way. He stops and says “How ya doing? Having fun? Thanks for your efforts…”
Normally they just say get out the farking way…


Opportunistic branding

The Sky Sports hit a golf ball at Eiffel Tower Studio


Main Sky Studio FFS clean the window!


France. Ryder Cup. Obviously I’'l go dressed as a …

He ate a Baguette later on. He had to take it out the bag. He had it inide his outfit. The only hole is where you would go to the loo. We needed medivac for split sides

No Cameras Please…
I have Un Gun…
OK, sure no problem, sorry to disturb you…
Jokes apart seeing guys in golf gear carrying machine guns OUTSIDE the course is VERY reassuring, no pictures of that no more comments but I feel secure there.

You’'l see some funky aerial views of the first tee 18th & 16th greens at the weekend. it is a 150m+ cable cam
In memory of the Marshal who didn’t make it. David…


Bubba biffing it on 17

More tomorrow, I have Cotes Du Rhone



How was your walk to work this morning?

Last training day for my team. Scheduling has limited the time on the course which is frustrating teaching newbies, will do a simulation with them this afternoon before going to the opening ceremony.
Lols that catering franchise is British so the food is all burgers burritos and fish n chips.
Had a lay in to 6am today then Mrs D_P served full English breakfast.
Now chilling in that big grandstand until final practise starts at 10:30
If you want to guess the pairings then check who is in what practice group.
Henrik & Justin and Sergio Jon Rahm pretty nailed on



Bunch of Spanish lads just sat next to me.
They’ve got a whole range of rewritten spanish football chants…
Oooh Aaahh, Garci-ahh… etc
Oh good grief

I’m just parked here putting on sunscreen
Was 5C leaving home, now 9. Forecasting 26C later blimey.
Sitting down? Fuck yes 45 minute break I won’t finish standing until Kaiser Chiefs finish about 7pm your time


Couple of almost tingly moments today. being applauded by the crowd when I walked across the 1st Tee Box was kinda gulp (applause as in the way the lighting guys get applause when they climb up the rigging before a concert, but hey, it was a moment and caused the gang to ROFL. And it was SO hard to resist the temptation to turn and bow…

We had a couple of holes with Rory & Poulter and then headed for a walk round. I will be out on course with the first match tomorrow afternoon. Before that will be around the 1st Tee helping check on snappers

Thomas spoke well, Jim for President, and Kaiser Chiefs opened the gig with Ruby meaning I could skip waiting until 6:30 for the full gig and get home and have my medicinal beer.

Ole Ole etc

And ever wondered what that tunnel of fans is like to walk through between Greens and Tees, It is simply the MOST amazing moment EVER, Walking through this with Poulter signing stuff 1m behind me and fans screaming. Like I mentioned this is such an astonishing gig for a mere mortal.


I see they’ve paired Reed and Woods together. Is that becauuse they are a couple of miserable fuckers who couldn’t get on with any of their team mates?

Anyway, Phil. I’ve got to get up at 7am to have a shit and get a cuppa fixed in time for Justin teeing it all off. Its all go here.


The general consensus is that USA should win by 4 points. As you look at those morning match - ups it is kinda ouch. Thomas has to rotate his squad and the likes of Poulter & Stenson will be better at Foursomes than the rookies, so a wise move. Wonder which American will fail to hit the ball past me this time. Odds on Webb Simpson doing the 100 yard drive again? I’m finishing my beer and passing out. 4:45 alarm call, pick up a couple of lady volunteers in downtown Versailes, first briefing at 7 then at 7:30 with my team then game on.
I will be all around that Tee for the morning then out with the first group away in the Foursomes in the afternoon.
PRAYING it doesn’t involve Tiger or Rory…

Bumped into Turkish from TSW this afternoon…


Where’s his foam hand?




When the wife & her BFF head into town to go sight seeing because they aren’t that bothered by the whole golf thing.
And come back with a ton of photos and selfies on a mock up of the 1st Tee with a couple of the younger European Tour Players, Team Europe Flags and even a couple of signed Calloway golf balls and sing Ole Ole Ole Ole…
NOW they want to go…
Yeah right


I know it’s not golf and you are a man of, shall we say, a certain age but what if you became the golfing equivalent :lou_wink_2:



I saw the thread title and assumed this was about the fucking motorway closing.


It’s 5:09am. I’ve been up 30 minutes making my sarnies etc. About 5 hours sleep each night so far and a hangover each morning.

I still honestly cannot believe I’m doing this. Me, whose claim to sporting fame is that I once hit a six as an opening batsman for Coombe Bissett.

Today I will have the best goddamn view in the house. My Geese will have mountains not bumps. It hit me when I realised I get to go somewhere today even MLT coudn’t go… :lou_eyes_to_sky:

It took hard bloody work, and anyone could do it, it really is a merit job not a who you know job.
Christ on a Bike I am fucking pumped and fuck I know I am gonna be an emotional wreck.
See you all on TV about 1pm, we have dark blue polo shirts on today, this is so big I am even happy to wear that colour.