🏌 Ryder Cup 2018

:golfing_man: Ryder Cup 2018


Oh and today I discovered that Superglue does not work on Waterproof trousers. The Velcro strapping had come loose at the bottom. With Mrs D_P away I now have to try and find/use a needle and thread


You should have used evostik or a rubber based glue that flexes
Superglue is only good for stuff that does not move or is not stressed.


If if can’t be fixed with gaffer tape, you’re not using enough gaffer tape!!


Proper information.
Picking the pairings each day


Oooh, I can keep this with my Sotonians Badges…
Actually it is cool, will be in my Volunteer pack when I collect it a week today


When you needed another 4 hours sleep but it’s airport selfie day!
Here we go!



Get money on it!

All checked in wet n windy waiting to get into airbnb.
Bloody Sunday innit.
France is shut ffs


So yesterday was collect my security pass and uniform. Parked right on the site passed security and went to Marshal HQ. Photo ID pass 17.5 Euro a day food vouchers (I get double for double shift work woo.)
Uniform is sweet. You’ll see the waterproofs but we got an awesome lightweight fleece, two different golf shirts - one a proper cotton Polo - wow they are rare these days, a hat I don’t like (2 colour) a pin and all our literature.
I also got a special parking pass (being on course all day) at the on-site parking - VVIP - go me! But tbh I will need it after 9 hours out there.

Had a brief wander but it was horrid windy and showery. The course LOOKS stunning and I know it is going to be amazing on TV, there are camera towers everywhere, 18 scoreboard/TV’s 2 spectator villages and a wonderful golf course.

Versailles was closed, so ended up with Yves who is my #2 at DPWTC coming round for Pizza and some 4.90 Euro COtes du Rhone Villages which was lovely. We talked shit and watched Tiger until his 16th hole. I did nothing all day yesterday yet still walked 16km. Slept 10 hours straight through. COuld not have wished for better prep.

Some pics

Amazing to remember France will be just outside the Security zone. This is where my car park will be

Volunteer HQ. All organised and where most will report to. Today our Media crew move to the Press Centre as our FoB.

I got in before the rush!

Par 3 8th 208m Stadium style banking - will be a magical atmosphere

Plenty of communication and ways to watch the matches unfold

Par 4 7th such a short and simple hole and I took 9 when I played it! To the lleft is the East Village and one of the Corporate blocks in the distance. The woods in the background are the Western limit of the course with another village and main bus station for park & rides

Looking back towards hole #1 and the massive grandstand

All of us who looked out across the course yesterday felt the tingle in the spine. And the weather forecast is absolutely PERFECT!

Our “stash” Yes it is a uniform but it is also about $400 worth of souvenir gear.
Today will get more into the machine behind the scenes.
Get the beers in, kick the family out and be ready to enjoy the weekend.


Phil if I do not see you on the TV this is all bullshit



Haven’t we got a bet going here - I seem to recall that if Phil get the saints shirt on mainstream TV then I am (with some others) £20 in the hole, as it were.


Yeah, there was few of us that agreed that. Looking forward to paying up, especially if Lineker mentions it :grin:


I was supposed to go to SMS Saturday to buy a shirt…
And I ended up having to visit Mum who had a bad night.
You will get some Phil selfies sans shirt.

Not the same but after Saturday I may also have found it rather embarrassing.

It was cold ffs


Excuses, excuses

Hope she’s feeling better, not been to any restaurants in Salisbury has she?

I suppose we could always get one DHL’d over, what size are you now?


I’ll accept anything with the club badge highly visible.
Sort it out Phil, the kids are relying on you. Get a tattoo if you have too😂


Sotonian’s Centurian Badge will do.


Large :slight_smile:

report will be a bit late got a monster piece of cow to burn


So I rock in to the Media Centre for training. Voice calls out. Ffs what you doing here? You’re banned…
Nah mate, that’s just Barasti.
I suppose I’m gonna have to keep you updated on the game Saturday.?


The course today stuff you dont see

How do they do that line thingy on the Tee shot?

Green? No, this is the ENTIRE fairway on the 7th hole (I hate it) Land here then 200 yards to the green

Looking back at the 1st Tee

OK TV is later for Ladyboy Phil

2nd, par 3 looking at 1st Green

How deep is your rough?

Merchandise. I had to get one souvenir golf shirt (Adidas are the cheapest - 52 Euro, and 2 “Flags” 24 each. Ouch even with 15% staff discount

18th then 16th greens one of the great views in golf

My view for at least half of each day

Yes, I got on Telly…

Some random American golf types

The Media Centre

Is this even a thing?

The West Spectator Village c/w stage for the opening gig & Kaiser Chiefs concert

We are in France so the cuisine choices are?

Did I mention I got on course parking? 16 minutes back to my pad! The bus trip to park & ride takes 20!


Official photo of the day