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Sounds more convincing than the deadliest nerve agent known to man, that kills in seconds, but takes hours to take effect. Is weather proof, but breaks down on a door handle in under an hour, then is found on the ground in pure concentrations weeks later.
You’d have to be some kind of special to believe that and that’s without looking at the full events of the day and the subsequent long list of lies and ever changing storyline.


Yeah but Bellingcat found pretty pictures.


Found or made?


Anyway Russia is a backward country, with a failing economy, that’s intellectually miles behind the west. Thank fuck, otherwise they could develop something like Avangard. Now that would be unbelievable(to some).
It does Mach 27. Highly manoeuvrable and impossible to shoot down: there’s only about 20 minutes from launch to anywhere and it can be coming in from any direction.

How the fuck do they do it on such a small budget. You’d think we were the idiots, paying many times the price for such unbelievably inferior weapons. Still we’re paying the national debt of a small country for a handful of planes, that have over 200 potentially critical flaws(not including the one that caused the crash, that grounded them worldwide) so what should we expect.
Fun question: What is the F35 based on(the design was bought)? You’ll crack up, or have a heart attack(depending on how much of the bullshit you’ve previously swallowed), when you find out.


This headline shows up the complete fraud that is the JIT(Joint Investigation Team).

Who wouldlet the main suspect of a crime, that has a history of this exact crime, be involved in the investigation, let alone give them a veto over any findings?