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Have you ever actually interacted with Russians Barry? At work or sociably?

If you had then you’d know have daft your first line is.

EVERY Russian passport holder I have met or interacted with is aware deep down that Russia could slip back to the dark days in the blink of an eye. While the Communist Party has gone, it has been replaced by the “wealthy elite” (ie mafia) and the minions are still at the bottom of the pile.

The motivation to invest outside of Russia or to join a Multi-National is so that they can firstly get Residency outside of Russia and then find a way to qualify for Citizenship and a passport.

Every facet of the “State System” makes life difficult for the Russians, renewing passports, National ID cards, “Social Security” are all thereto remind “the people” of their place.

The retort is “but there is a wealthy middle class” the answer is that they are only wealthy due to privilege or they knew the right person to bribe.


Yes I have and do know, your point is? I don’t disagree by the way.


Yeah spend budget.

Build football stadiums.


Russia bans the Jehova’s apparently


Mike Harding, in his book “The Armchair Anarchist’s Almanac”, reckoned you should invite them in, nip out the back, and tell the coppers you’re being burgled.


Has anyone else noticed that the JW’s seem to be on a charm offensive. Everywhere.

I first noticed them with a little stand with of leaflets by Bank tube station a few months back. Now they’re everywhere I look I the City. They’ve even made it out to Cobham …

Strange thing is that I don’t ever recall seeing anyone talking to them.



I would gladly ban them from our road / village / county / etc

8.00am one Sunday morning

JW: “it’s so nice to see someone up early on a Sunday morning”

Hungover CB “No thanks to some cunt who just rang my doorbell”


If you want to get rid of JW’s, forever, just tell them you’ve been disfellowshipped.

Theyll never trouble you again.


Or just answer the door with your knob out



That tends to work with charity canvassers too. It may well work with political canvassers in the next few weeks as well - may try it.


Why is this in the Russia thread?


Or if you really want to trouble them tell them you are in the Fellowship and want to see there rings.


I haven’t a clue.


Quoting for posterity.


An oldy but a goody. Oh, and bump:


Some interesting parallels between this and the Skripal affair.



He holds 4 passports but I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding.
Anyway, this is bigger news than teargassing in France and Smoke bombs in Westminster apparently.


About as much credence as Russians going cathedral spotting and being allergic to slushy snow…