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I still think Puel’s great and Derby’s shit, so don’t get complacent :lou_wink_2:


Why would wealthy Russians invest in the U.K rather than their own nation?

Black and white? That’s what rational places do ie grey areas and middles grouns acceptance, do Russia and say Saudi? They thrive on black and white, dogma and legalisation.

Discretionary measures are far slimmer abroad than here unless you have money, that’s the maturity of a democracy.


It wouldn’t be as high if people paid their fair share to Nato, human rights are a new phenomemon of course but where have they been adopted and why?

Where are my opinions on others untouchable? They are suppose in the sense they’re quotes by liberal media which is a win win for me (Russians hate liberals I know that much).

If human rights cost money as you say why hasn’t Saudi adopted them? Qatar?


Really, That’s the main conclusion you take away from the graphic??? Move the NATO members from the left hand side to the right hand side and then maybe add Saudi Arabia as a US ally as well. Your recommendation is that the non US NATO members need to increase their spending due to the threat posed by Russia?


What does expenditure on defense prove? The Germans don’t contribute enough to Nato, would you dipsute that? Saudi, why so high? What equipment are the US buying? I am not too sure what that graphic is trying to say and prove?

Russia invaded a sovereign state the last time I checked with less expenditure than the US? Is that it? They’re so misunderstood the Russians aren’t they?

What is your take on that?


If you’re talking Crimea, Barry - it has been ethnically and culturally Russian for centuries, and was only gifted to Ukraine in the 1950s.

The Crimean population was trapped in a country that doesn’t much like ethnic Russians, illegally governed by far right Ukrainian nationalists.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the population voted to rejoin Russia in a referendum, which preceded the marching in of Russian troops. I don’t remember there being any war in this actual invasion, although Donestk is a different issue.


I would call it an invasion, in the sense the Russians invaded a part of a nation that wasn’t theirs, ethic Russians have been planted everywhere over the centuries, remind me again how Crimea came to be Ukranian?

I wonder if the British did this, in this day and age under those circumstances would you be so laissez-faire as it were…


I’m struggling to understand this. Are you saying that you buy “human rights” off the shelf like you buy baked beans?


It was said by SWDP that Human Rights were a luxury by the West as they could afford it, Qatar and Saudi coukd easily afford Human Rights.

You always struggle to understand things as you either don’t agree with them or you can’t understand them, here is another thing, Human Rights should be free, free to all, they aren’t, why aren’t they?



Pap is a whopper.


I shared @sadoldgit 's sense of confusion over your assertion that anyone with money would spend that money on upholding human rights.

Sadly, that is not the case. Instead, the likes of Theresa May go over there to sell them peasant smashing equipment.

There is more than one way to spend a budget. Oddly enough, human rights come pretty far down the list of autocracies.


I agree with you for fucks sake, have you read SWDP view saying its a luxury the West can afford, by that token why don’t Saudi and Qatar buy human rights? They CAN afford them, Jesus fucking wept.


SWDP said it was a luxury we can afford through dominance. It’s not something you can just buy instantly with hard cash.

Qatar, the richest country on the planet(per head). Not one of the most dominant countries on the world stage is it Barry.

Can you stop going on about your messiah weeping. He’s not real.

The social progress index might help you understand better(not about jesus, sorry).

The Index reveals that high-income countries tend to achieve higher social progress than low-income countries. Yet this relationship is neither simple nor linear.

Have read(all of it).



What Countries are wealthy and have poor social progress?


There does seem to be a link, maybe you can help me.


On the face of it it looks like money laundering with the implicit agreement of the UK Govt.

I may be wrong of course, but probably not by much…


Oh, it was para one of your post I was referring to Baz.


It was rhetorical, they’invest where they could clean money,don’t get me wrong London is a corrupt shithole as well and what has this Country gained since we stopped making things and become a service industry? If money is gained corruptly it’ll have to be cleaned corruptly.


After this its in a pretty much stable economy, invest in flats and never live there,similar to the wealthy Chinese, Taiwanese etc etc