:saints: Ralph 4 more years!

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Cheers mate

I missed this and posted it in saints tweets thread.

Anyway, fantastic news.


Great news


I know, I cleaned up behind you…

But it’s a saints tweet and should be on that thread.

I’m posting it there again. Ban me if you want.


Brilliant news - looked like a good appointment at the time, looks an even better one now.

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Shocking decision. No manager can keep a dressing room engaged for 4 years.
This smacks of Les Reed mistakes all over again. It will cost us millions in compensation when we have to fire him.

Said nobody at all on Twitter today.

Good move secures a good level of compensation when he gets poached by a top 16 group stage CL Team some where in Europe middle of next season.

May be more accurate.

Gonna enjoy it for as long as it lasts.




It’s made my day.

Come. On. You. Reds.

:heart_eyes: :saints:

Best news this month

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This is good news


He should be able to get us straight back up!

I can’t help myself.

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We have this great news and all you can think about is Ralph getting you up.

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us up.

(That’s me and you, big boy).

@saintbletch video tart, is this what you mean?

or like this?

Have I passed the test yet?




My work here is done.

Oh, and no need to thank me, I’m just doing my job.

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I’m just very, very surprised - I feel he must have real confidence issues.

I dont think so, I think he realizes that if he wants to take the next step he has to be able to demonstrate something beyond keeping us up… Hughes managed that! I think he needs to get us to a couple of successive top 10s and a decent cup run for him to be ‘poached’ - I also think he is the kind of person who WANTS to achieve something through coaching and improving players rather than just throwing money at it.