🐷 Papsweb FAT Club - Monthly weigh in

:pig: Papsweb FAT Club - Monthly weigh in


I wont be able to weigh in until Tomorrow when back from Majorca where I have consumed criminally high levels of unsafe and unhealthy food and drink… despite sneaking in around 250km of cycling as a little early morning treat… June managed to get over 1000km despite working away during the week, yet suspect that my weight will still be close or above the 105.5 at the start of the month as I am too weak with the crisps and crap… July, I will get serious…promise…

Fat Gay :lou_is_a_flirt:




Great result Rally!

(I would be pleased with just the 1kg increase)


Yeah, but I think the idea is that we lose weight, so I won’t book the open top bus and the bunting just yet.


:lou_facepalm_2: :lou_sad:… The shame of it… after a week of sunny hols I am now an even fatter fuck than I was before weighing in at:

1 June - 105.5kg

1 July - 106.5kg

Despite cycling 997 km with 6214m of climbing in the month

I should be nomore than around 80-82kg

That is my target so I am thinking the only way I can do this is by daily publoic shaming in true GoT style (without the naked and shit throwing bit). To gainyour advice and assistance, I will publish my daily diet - the truth and you can then shout ‘Shame…Shame on you fat cunt’ until it improves… so

Sunday 3 July 2016

B: 150g yogurt, 30g Strawberries, 30g Raspberries, 30g Granola, 100ml apple juice (408kcal)

L: 108g sourdough bread, 90 smoked salmon (no butter), 12 picolo tomatoes (467kcal)

D: Roast chicken, new pots and variety of salads (981kcal)

Exercise: 70.5km ride (-1815kcal)

Alcohol: Zero

…I am fucking starving and could murder a pint when watching the football later… :lou_surprised: I will resist…I hope


If you don’t mind me asking Gay, what was your start weight?


Back in Jan… 106.5… so no change… last September was down at 96 before breaking 3 ribs in a cycling accident and then spending 5 months living in hotels each week with work… a sad story of excess and limited exercise… been able to get back on the bike May and June… but excess food and drink have conspired against me… evil temptresses that they are… now need focus and excessive ridicule to show up weakness and poor diet…


Ah don’t be too hard on yourself, happens to the best of us. I got down to 13st after xmas, now back up to 14st after 4 months in a shit job caused excessive drinking and eating shit. Just need to get your head down and keep going, it’s a never ending fight once you get to a certain age. Has anything else changed like your waist size? It’s possible to lose fat without losing weight, with all the cycling you’re doing you must be building up some lean muscle.


I think I can see the problem here…


:lou_smiley: yep keeping those whole fish down is problematic


Having just got back from a calorie filled two weeks in lovely sunny Crete and I am bit wary of hoping on the scales. It seems to be their custom to give you a desert after every meal (on the house) together with a small bottle of Raki. So thats two deserts a day that I woulnt normally eat plus some booze of paint stripping strength that I wouldnt normally drink. Back to chubster proportions until I can get the 5-2 working again methinks!


Bin the dinner, GA. Look at the amount of calories you’re taking in at night - and then what? - you’re sedentary for the next 10 hours.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper. That, in essence, alongside cutting out almost all the shit is where I’ve managed to lose a stone and a half in the last 2 months.

Can’t pretend it’s been all fun but once the habit was broken it was remarkably easy to maintain.


Agrred, but not always easy, with travel etc…I know, excuses, but also need main meal in evening as cook for Mrs Gay and Juvenile when at home…;-(


Have you considered the heroin diet?

I believe it can be expensive compared to other weight loss methods but you get results.

You start the day at about 1am with some heroin, then by 10am you can have a little treat, some more heroin.

The afternoon is spent either robbing people, which can be good exercise, or pleasuring lorry drivers behind a skip to raise funds.

Your main evening meal is then heroin, washed down with surface rust or other people’s blood from the needle.

Unlike most diets, once you get into the cycle it’s so dead easy to continue and the facts speak for themselves - I’ve never seen a fat heroin addict.


Just come across this thread, only out of curiosity having done the weight loss thing already.

A couple of years ago I went from just shy of 21st to 16st 7lbs in 4 months - primarily to preserve my ability to walk and to reduce the risk of diabetes.

The actual advice from my doc, who I had gone to see with a bad back, was to look at my gut and say “lose that if you want to be walking in 10 years” - as it happens, I popped my L4/L5 disc anyway but boy, is the back better now or what?

Anyroad, this is the easy Nerd diet if you want to try it. Likely goes against everything you read elsewhere, but I assure you, this truly worked for me!

* Mad sod breakfast… 500ml warm water, then another 1l cold water before lunch (temp is irrelevant btw, it’s just how I had it)

* 2 mile fast walk before lunch - I would take around 35 mins or so - hurt like a bitch to start with but burns up 200 or so cals

* Rabbit food Lunch… 1" of cucumber diced, 1 tomato, 2 mushrooms, some sliced black olives, low-cal dressing if you need it, bottle of diet fizz for some sweetness - equates to around 125 cals - so, in effect, diet-wise, you get a free lunch. And the cucumber, tomato and mushroom looked at lot - fooled the brain you see.

* More water through the afternoon - flushing your kidneys also helps concentration too

* Normal tea with family - this was usually around the 800-1000 cals so quite a good feed

* 2 cups of tea, each with 2 sugars during the evening with 2 squares of 75% chocolate as a treat

* NO alcohol

* total for the day around 1200 cals or so, gives a reduction of ~8500 calories over the ‘recommended dose’ per week in food intake plus some well needed excercise

As I say, I lost around 4 stone, 4 inches off my waist but only about 2 off my chest - downside is cost me a fortune in new clothes.

If you approach this stoically, in otherwords, don’t moan, just do it, it works. The good bit is you still enjoy family evening meals with the same food. Luckily, I felt no hunger pains which helped. And the weight loss you will see, will astound you.

I’m still at 105kg (ish) now and follow a similar calorie regime that gets temporarily setback each weekend by the addition of 1000 or so alco-calories. :lou_lol:

Oh yes, a good website I used - MyFatFriend.co.uk - seriously - you can record you daily calorie intake and track your weight loss - very useful.


Am using 'Lifesum’calorie tracking app and its this that tells the grim truth when I fall off the diet wagon… right going to head out on the bike for an hour or so :lou_smiley:


So after a week of gorging on more pasta and ossobucco that I have seen in my life and washing that down with lake upon lake of wine, the Ayatollah finally lost her shit and announced we are going running for the rest of the holiday.

After putting up,what I thought were reasonable defences such as “I am hanging out my arse here”, “I am a cyclist, you are going to ruin my conditioning” and “it’s bastard hot out there”, she swatted aside my pleadings and I am now a aching sweaty mess. Fuck me its lumpy round here.


Its not Gay Abandon its Gannet


So having seen the weight creep up thanks to a general lacking of cycling (injury and travel) and a tendency to gluttony (genetic), I have been having to spend the last few weeks dodging the Japanese whaling fleet.

Having come back from Singers and finding out that 3/4 of my wardrobe could be described as “snug”, I have to do something about it. My mate has managed to lose 3 stone in 2018 by doing the 5:2 diet and I figure if that gutty bastard can do it, then so could I.

So we are 4 days in and on the second “fast” day. Fuck me its tough. 10 minutes after lunch (salad), I am starving. The cunts at work bought in pain aux raisins this morning - I could have cried.


Good man CB. I suffer from same affliction… but am just going daily calorie controlled and cutting out shit and booze during the week…not easy when work trips provide free excessive good food and booze…