🐷 Papsweb FAT Club - Monthly weigh in

See latest post for details :lou_is_a_flirt:


Name : Sfcsim

baseline: 101kg

target: 82kg

exercise: Cycling 1 hour a day, cross trainer 20 minutes a day, rowing machine 20 minutes a day.

Nutritional changes: nothing high in fat or calories Sunday to Thursday. Take away Friday with wine allowed unless I break the Sunday to Thursday rule.

1,200 calories a day only and my fitness pal app ready again.

Let the fun begin.

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Should we upload a picture of our weigh in? Then a weekly one with that days paper.

At present I don’t possess a pair of weighing scales, but I’d been planning on buying some anyway. I’ll also have to teach myself to think of my weight in kilos, which I find strangely difficult. Once I’ve got that sorted I’ll be able to post current and target weights. At a guess I could do with losing a stone or so.

I need to start getting more exercise; playing in Bletch’s five-a-side team (whether in Chelsea boots or otherwise shod) and cycling should do the trick. I also need to eat less in the middle of the day when I’m at work, as I’ve got into bad habits over the past few months - our diet at home is healthy enough though.

You have not met me GA, but you might have thought that some of us are already at our target Kg, you presumptuous shit. I am also pretty fit and while unemployed I will improve on that too, but no need to share updates in case some of you lardy arses lose the will to stop over-indulging. :lou_lol:

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Get with the program dude! Scales - digital are best… no hiding behind the ‘calibration’ :lou_lol:

haha - no need - Trust is the 4th rule of Fat Club - its our honour code that we do not lie about our weight. It is self defeating to do so as you are only really pissing on your own deep desire to free yourself of of the blubber.

I can confirm that Bucks is fit

He’s just not my type though.

Great idea Gay, however I’ve never been one to weigh myself regularly I find it can demotivate me. So I’ll chip in but probably on a monthly basis with the weight, but I’ll share exercise and diet weekly.

I’ll also share other pertinent stats such as number of goals scored, number of assists, number of nutmegs performed on The Flyd Owl, number of pulled hamstrings, etc.


Welcome to the program. Injuries are common in fine gentlemen of our years. NB. Number of wanks does not count as exercise Bletch.

Name: Chertsey Saint
Baseline: 105kg
Target: 90kg (I’m quite tall)

Net calorie intake reduced to 1650Kcal per day
Target weight loss rate: 1kg per week

Monday 11 January = Loss = Loss against baseline
Monday 18 January = Loss = Loss against baseline


Welcome to the program Cherts

NB. Am using Lifesum app to help log calories - worked very well this time last year when I actually recorded EVERYTHING - but its a real bastard trying to to keep to 1750Kcal…

Gentlepeople of Papsweb, perhaps we could use a third-party website to record some of this stuff and then post a weekly summary here?

Someone mentioned on the NY Revolutions’ thread that they use a Fitbit. I also have one and it really has revolutionised my fitness and general health.

It makes you focus on what you actually do as opposed to what you think you do. The main reason I get off my lardy arse to do stuff is down to my mate Macca who lives in Sao Paulo. He also has a Fitbit and when connected on the site you can cheer or taunt each other.

Anyway, one of the benefits of the Fitbit website is that you can record all of your exercise, calorie intake, etc WHETHER you have a Fitbit device or not.

You can install an app on your phone that lets you record your daily calories. It scans barcodes from the labels on your food and, as long as that food is in the database, it knows the nutritional breakdown - you simply enter the quantities. (Kebabs are not in the database unfortunately).

I’d strongly advocate anyone getting a Fitbit device (or similar) if they have an interest getting and staying fit. I have the Charge HR which monitors heart rate, sleep duration, steps, stair count, etc. If you’re slightly geeky like me, then the graphs and stats you get from it will really turn you on.

If you’re slightly geeky like me, then the graphs, badges and stats you get from it will really turn you on and keep you focused on beating previous bests.

Here’s my last weekly summary (ignore the weight stats as I don’t use them)…

As I say, you don’t need a Fitbit to record details of your exercise and diet, but if you have one it makes it a more automated experience.

If you’re interested in registering and befriending me so I can taunt you about how shit you are in bed, and tell you how you’ll never amount to anything with that spare tyre and defeatest attitude, visit the link below and follow the “What to try out Fitbit before getting a device” link…


Go on, you know you want to!

Half marathon at the end of April.

I shall keep you up to date with my km’s.

Nearest weigh bridge is some way away.


You’d be surprised.

Have you never heard of tantric wanking?

Actually, whatever you do, do not Google that.


OK, so I had a brainwave and used the Wii Fit to weigh myself. Assuming it’s accurate, I currently weigh 13st 6lb, which is a fair bit more than I thought I’d be. So that’s 188lbs, or just about 84kg. I reckon I should be more like 72kg, so I need to lose 12kg. Incidentally, the Wii Fit tells me my ideal weight is 10st 9lb - that’s about what I used to weigh in my teens and early twenties, when I was skinny as a rake.

Bloody hell guys. You are as bad as the women at work with their calorie counting and apps.

I’d join as I need to lose weight but I am on holiday so not worth starting. Unless I get Delhi belly and lose a stone in a week (true story).

Surely we just need to have smaller portions (of food and less alcohol!) And move more? Denying some food items mean we fall of the wagon too quickly.

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Yes indeed. My plan is to eat less and do more. I’ll weigh myself weekly, but for me the main thing is how I feel - I know that when I’m in decent shape I feel a whole lot better than when I’m not.

I couldn’t be doing with piles of stats and figures. I’m old school, me.


" slightly geeky" :laughing:

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I can also recommend as a weight loss tool 3 months in Cuba (mainly rum, some dancing and rice and beans), followed by Mexico (sweat it all off walking everywhere), 2 months Ecuador (Quito and altitude sickness, rum and dancing) followed by 4 months in Peru eating chips and salad but walking lots with added altitude sickness at Cuzco and Lake Titicaca.

It’s wayyyý more fun than a diet!