:southampton: Our fine city and surrounds - photos

:southampton: Our fine city and surrounds - photos


Also, during the early 90’s, it was home to two swedish hotties who were miraculously bowled over by my brother and I.
I would like to say if I’d have known it was such a historical abode I would have been more respectful.
But that would be a lie.


Were the Swedish hotties brothers or just mates?


They had good hands. We put one in the slips and had the other crouching at short leg.


The brother’s Holding the Goatboy’s Willy.


I lived almost opposite for 16 years from 2000 and never knew that. (The hotties that is)



I hope that bridge is the one that connects the mainland from Portsea island


I think they’re removing all links to Salisbury just in case :lou_wink_2:


They’re removing the outbound side of the bridge over the M27 on the road from Nursling to Romsey. That will mean the outward and return along that road will use the remaining half of the bridge. Another closure to put the prefabricated new bridge in place and then repeat the process on the inbound side of the bridge.

Fuckin’ mayhem.



Fucking liberals.



Where’s her night time photos?

I’m sure she would have met some interesting people also wandering about.


One from yesterday, late afternoon on Baddesley Common…


This morning on my walk over Baddesley Common…



Methinks GB spends a hell of a lot of time hiding in bushes on Southampton Common.

But a very nice video by the way :lou_lol:



Love your photos - may I ask what sort of digital filters/corrections/saturatio you are applying to get this great richness?


Thanks MoT…pleased you like them.

I shoot in “camera raw” which are un-compressed files. Most people shoot in .jpeg which compresses the files and throws away some of the digital detail. Which is better is a moot point really as viewing online very few could tell the difference. Using “raw” for me is habit and the fact it uses an interface in Photoshop that I find easy to use to get what I want.

What I want is a wide tonal range…i.e. detail in the shadows and as few “burnt out” highlights as possible. Having to manipulate the image is because I try to emulate how the eye sees it. Most compact cameras will resolve about 5 to 7 f stops while the human eye will resolve about 10 - 14. Digital SLR cameras will resolve more than the compact but still not as much as the human eye.

The Photoshop camera raw software conveniently allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, colour saturation, colour balance and lots more to produce the effect you want. If you go in knowing in you mind how you think it should look…it’s easy to get it.

That might sound complex but it isn’t. Once you’re familiar with the software it as easy as moving a slider on a + / - scale to create your ideal picture.