:southampton: Our fine city and surrounds - photos

:southampton: Our fine city and surrounds - photos


I love the patriotic sarcasm.


“Do you know what I am going to tell you?” he said with his wry mouth. “A pint of plain is your only man.”

Notwithstanding this eulogy, I soon found that the mass of plain porter bears an unsatisfactory relation to its toxic content and I subsequently became addicted to brown stout in bottle, a drink which still remains the one that I prefer the most despite the painful and blinding fits of vomiting which a plurality of bottles has often induced in me.


Quick trip to Southampton last weekend. I arrived at Southampton Central Station to be confronted by a young couple. He with an electric guitar nonchantly slung over shoulder. Her with pink hair. They were passionately snogging with her making panting sounds!

Anyway other parts of Southampton were easier on the eye.


so all my fine photos have disappeared from this thread. Here’s some more.


Why have the others disappeared?


The images aren’t actually stored here. If the source they’re on has gone, so do the images.


Yeah, but think they’re still where I left them. Nevermind. I can bore people with them all again :lou_lol:


Ok. So I think I created a a thread about things to do in Southampton but I cannot find it in the billion threads we have.

Anyway there are spaces available at 11am on Saturday 10th March tour of Southampton Vaults.



A bit of the tour of the medieval vaults / air raid shelters.

4 vaults done today.

There’s a talk coming up.




My Dad was one of the first Southampton “Blue Badge Guides”. He used to do the official tourist walks around the old town and had the keys for the vaults. Really spooky to do the vaults in the evening in fading light…just me and me Dad. :lou_lol:



The Test Valley is beautiful this time of year…lush greens…for obvious reasons.

I drove it on the back roads to Stockbridge on Wednesday stopping off at The John of Gaunt for a pint. The bridge at Houghton Mill is about the only place you can get a good view of the river from the road…beautiful setting and very quiet. Vrooom vroom…well relatively quiet. :lou_wink_2:


I say…anyone for tennis?

This lunchtime at West Quay…nice…

We dined at “CAO”…excellent steaks.:lou_lol:


Time for the master poller to kick in.

How will @Barry-Sanchez perceive @lifeintheslowlane’s lovely photo of our lovely city?

  • It’s not as good as Derby’s nightlife. It’s not even dark, FFS.
  • Actually, the new bit of West Quay is quite nice.
  • Cards on the table, I went on a school trip to Southampton as a boy, bought the Bargate off an older Southampton boy, found out that I didn’t really own the Bargate, and have resented the place since

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See, with this kind of set up, I could be persuaded to go shopping with the Ayatollah


Would be nice to know the reason why?

THOUSANDS of festival-goers set to party on Southampton Common this weekend will get the chance to watch England’s crunch World Cup quarter-final match.

Organisers of retro festival Let’s Rock Southampton have announced plans for a giant screen at the event on Saturday – but one place fans will not be able to watch is at the city’s Westquay centre.

The screen at Let’s Rock will show England’s World Cup quarter-final game with Sweden, which kicks off at 3pm.

The announcement was made on Twitter just hours after England won their first ever World Cup penalty shoot-out, beating Colombia 4-3 on penalties, after a 1-1 draw in Moscow.

The bit in bold (which Vincent doesn’t show too well!!) is all that is said on the subject


We were asking the same question of the waitress at CAU restaurant which is in the terrace overlooking the screen. She said the company screening the tennis simply didn’t have a licence to screen the football.