OK, as part of my bid to recreate the “fun with words” thread bit by bit, here’s another bit.

This time neologisms (Fowllyd will have come in his plus-fours by this stage of the thread introduction). These are words that have been coined to define new or existing things or concepts.

So let’s have your new words that should enter the language and obviously include your definition.

Here’s a starter list from the Washington Post (5 and 12 do it for me).


Boomerang: to loudly proclaim displeasure at a poorly executed dessert.


Displeasure - the art of loudly proclaiming that you don’t like enjoying yourself.


Wanking - A town in North East China


Interdict: raped by Italians.


Cumberbatch - term for samples taken from a sex assault crime scene.


Custardy - being arrested and held for poor execution of a creme anglais.


Toffee - a person that is looked down upon by someone who believes they are socially superior.


Antagonist - someone who goes out of their way to annoy insects.


Constabulary - the spreadsheet in which a pimp keeps track of the performance of his female prostitutes.


Dictator - a man who gets pleasure from intercourse with starchy vegetables.


Flatulance - Don Quixote in the modern world


Handicapped - finding oneself fortunate to be wearing a hat.


Gripe - the fruit used to make Australian wine.


Moan - complaining just after one finishes cutting the grass.


Bletch - the sound made by a lily livered word bore after half a bottle of Nannny State


Sublime - poor quality citrus fruit.


Grate - the feeling after finishing a really satisfying meal.


Welsh - a nation of people renowned for reneging on agreements.


Eerie - the fear of people with large hearing organs.