:pl: :liverpoolfc: Mo Salah v Saints :saints:

:liverpoolfc: v :saints:

  • :saints: to win, queue the Twilight zone music…
  • :saints: to defend, defend, defend and scrape a 0-0 draw
  • score draw
  • :liverpoolfc: to strut their stuff and embarrass the :saints:
  • strange team selection, strange formation, strange and late substitutions, 9-0 incoming, Hutch to be out of a job by Monday… © @treebeard

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Have a horrible feeling that this may be our “this seasons hammering”.
Please God don’t let it be worse than 5-1.
Expectations? Beyond losing, weird team selection, weird formations, players playing out of position, weird and late (87 minutes) substitutions.


And the much missed @ericofarabia is going…

That’s it, then. Nine-nil it is. :unamused:

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Would Ralph survive another 9-0?
I sort of think that he shouldn’t, but there isn’t an assistant or deputy who could take over while the club looked for a replacement.
Mind you, over the next few weeks there will be a good list of ex EPL managers to choose from, so perhaps the club has already started a short list!

Why are you expecting the first two of these (not losing, the weird team selections and format)?

Yep, Ralph on last chance saloon. Wonder if we could have s season when every starting manager is sacked! Cant imagine but itd be funny as


My first away game of the season too.


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Romeu finally listens to the cries of ‘shoot’ from the fans. Ball crashes against the bar, back onto Allison’s head and into the net. One nil win…


Slightly optimistic poll added to the OP…

You forgot to say he scores in the 1st minute followed by 89mins plus 10mins stoppage time in and around our 6 yard box…….

Enough negative vibes. Saints win, you heard it here.


Even I am struggling to pep up that level of enthusuiasm! Defensive luck masterclass. 0-1

Incidentally, why are we going to queue the Twilight Zone music? Is there a lot of it?


Do we stand in a cue while waiting?

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FFS you 2 this is a football thread not a place for the Grammar Stasi to pleasure each other…

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Is anyone travelling up for this?

@Shroppie is I believe

I chickened out and will, instead, make my seasonal debut down the road at Ten Acres. Swaythling Athletic v Solihull Moors.

However, I have broken one promise to myself and got tickets for West Ham away on Boxing Day. It does allow me to visit friends and drink their house dry.

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