:efl: :mancityfc: Manchester City v Saints :saints: (Carabao Cup 4th Round)

Well isn’t that a doozy, drawn away to Man City, match to be played between 29th October 2019 and 1st November 2019.

Guess whom and where Saints are playing on the 2nd November :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

  • We’re going to get stuffed
  • Stuffed we will be
  • Ha you naysayers, we will win this one, Saturday is another thing entirely

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2 easy away wins then not an issue as far as I can see.



2 localish away days for me in 4 days … Lets go hell for leather for the Cup as The League match is a free hit to be honest!! We have an extra day rest as we play Leicester on Fri before the cup, City play Villa on sat.

Dreading to think what the aggrgate score after the 2 games might be :crazy_face:


So who is going to put the names up for who’s in the team so we can speculate on what caught in the headlights is going to do

Hope Vokins gets a go at left back. He can’t do any worse.
I would like to see:
Valery Bednarek Danso Vokins
Hojbjerg Romeu
Redmond Ings Adams Boufal

You can’t play Danso at centre back. That would be ridiculous.


I assumed that in that system Danso, Vokins and Boufal would be interchangeable at left back, with sometimes no left back at all to mix it up and keep the opposition guessing.


You will see from who is dropped who Ralph holds responsible for Friday night. We won’t see Gunn, Vest, Hodge, JWP or Valery anywhere near the turf IMHO. I just want to see a reaction. Get out there and show some spirit. Don’t and we’ll soon become the Prem whipping boys.


Think we are WAY past that now

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You certainly are consistent. Is there not a way to stop threads turning into a ‘Barry has another fucking rant about the club, Gao, team selection and transfer policy’ ?


The biggest and most embarrassing defeat in our long history, of course its going to be discussed, fuck all else football wise should be discussed, City next, looking forward to it?

Look at it this way Pete.

We beat man city 10-0(yes, ignore reality for a bit) who are a far superior, not only first team, but whole squad than Leicester can ever dream.

What do you think Barry’s comment would be?

I know what i’d guess :wink:

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Is this the cloud thread or matchday thread?

Think we should be debating which corner of behind the sofa we will be checking the score from than our transfer policy which even MLT stated was crap

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I’d like to hear Barry pick an 11 :joy:

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The arithmetic isn’t on your side Barry.
Ask the wife :grin:

Yes, in probably a masochistic kind of way because in my head I’m saying to myself it can’t be as bad as Friday night.

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I’d struggle to pick an XI.

That is a low bar of expectation.