:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)


Too late, he’s been snapped up!


It won’t be the end of the world.

We’ll still support them, go to games and talk bollocks on here.

Probably there will be more interesting footie.


I wouldn’t mind relegation. The Championship is a great league and perhaps our level at this point. Whoever the manager is.


I’ve just said sack Hughes and appoint Pardew, it can’t be any worse as with Hughes we’re relegated.

What part of that don’t you or don’t want to understand?


I wouldn’t mind either but its our total arrogance in believing in what we we’re doing would continue, the warning signs were more than there last season.

What did we do?

Bought 5 players for £60 Million and not play them or when they have played they been so much worse than what we had, Tadic was inconsistent shite but Christ on a bike how we miss that inconsistent shite.

Our fall from grace is as fast as its deserved.


What would Pardew really bring to us?


West Brom certainly did amazingly well after turning to him.


Yes it can


A change, a chance and possibly something different, we’d certainly see more attacking football.
Hughes is a dinosaur, our signings have been a disaster , either he didn’t sign them and Les/Wilson did and he doesn’t fancy them or he did and he bought shite.
Either it reeks of a club in turmoil.
I’d clear them all out and start again.
If we do go down and thats a high possibility Gao will seek to recoup his investment money from sales and the parachute payments, we’re in a poor poor way.


True, its a gamble.


Had what I thought was a really surreal dream where Bazza thought bringing back Pardew was a solution to our current predicament… But now realise it wasn’t a dream… Barry. Please stop drinking


Who else is there? Open to options, sticking with Hughes is a no no, he brings nothing to the table and we have had the easiest of teams to start with.


Had you heard of poch before he came here or the wolves, Watford managers? The team needs coaching, someone who can implement a pressing, aggressive style and coach the players into playing it.


I don’t understand, do you advocate a new manager or not? What you wrote is true but at the same time didn’t say anything about what we’re discussing.


I advocated a new manager at the start of the season mate. I don’t like Hughes and never wanted him here in the first place.


The only person we need to replace this week is Ross Wilson.
Unless he is working to a script that Les gives him.

Absolutely no point changing the manager right now IF our recruitment policy remains unchanged and the people who have failed in that role remain at the club.

Sure bring the new guys in FIRST then let them select the best manager to work with what we have and can bring in.

Anything else is pointless - just like the team.

Meanwhile, a reality check article


As my mate, Oldham John said - “That were bobbins, mate. Saints are shite”

The team preparation must be so off the mark. We shat ourselves for the first 20 minutes and whilst there have been some comments as to us doing better the the second half, it’s too late and easier to do when you’ve shipped 4 goals already. Something systematically wring in the Club and it starts with the owners.


Luckily I was pissed and missed it all until I heard the result.


infidelity with players wives


Some good parties though and bonding, all for it, playing good football as well with a deep knowledge of each other.