:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)


Agreed. I’m totally bemused that we were not able to seemingly buy a better centre back than what we already had. I had high hopes for Vestergaard but he cannot get a shirt. WTAF is that all about.

The fact that we sold one and loaned out two wingers and only brought in one, yet play with two pretty much every week is beyond stupid. When Elyounoussi and Redmond are playing we look to the bench and there are no other players remotely similar to come on and shape things up. God knows what JWP is but he ain’t a winger. And Long is already on the pitch.

If one of those two gets injured then what? We have to play an entirely different system? Ridiculous. Not that would disrupt any progress it has to be said.

The lack of goals from the other offensive players is a joke. Just the 3 goalscorers all season and two of them are unlikely to get any more due to where they actually play.

I saw Le Tiss on Sky and when asked if we’d have money to spend in January he was of the opinion that there wouldn’t be. Makes sense on the basis of Ings’ initial loan move deferring a permanent move until the summer.

Bad times.


Totally inept board, club and owners, I hope they lose millions.

There’ll always be a club to support, bollocks to them.


What does that actually mean Barry ?

I am an engineer working outside the uk but I have no idea what you are talking about.


Getting shot of Kruger, Reed and Wilson which i think no-one apart from a masochist could now argue against. Hughes offers nothing and has got nothing to offer us that we havent seen before. There are no real highs or stylist football in his past that could suggest anything in the future will change.

The club needs a new focus and Im sure there are plenty of managers that could do it especially if we went out and got P Mitchell back from Germany with the offer of a first team players wages.

If they really are businessmen they would realise that we are looking like BHS and something has got to give.


Time to bring Cortese back.


Can he play up front?


That Koeman fella did OK. Admittedly we would need to get rid of Kruger and Reed though, and the owner from when Ron was here before :thinking:


This is all well and good but what does it say about the rest of the team if they cannot get on the end of the ‘best cornerkicks’ in the Premier League? Hoedt doesn’t seem to have any problem tucking away opposition crosses…



He’s the only chairman I’ve seen in my lifetime that improved Saints year on year.

And no, it wasn’t his money he was spending. It’s not fucking Les’ money either.

We got lucky witth RK. We’ve had the full Lesfast to chow down on ever since, with a sprinking of Ralph.

And do you know what?

It tastes fucking shit.


A bit late but welcome.


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