:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)


Someone who’ll stay with us in the Championship for continuity.




I’d take Jardim, but looks like he might be on his way to Real Madrid so probably out of our league even if he doesn’t get the job. Not much else out there.


Yes, but who? If we are to sack Hughes we will need an actual person, not just generic qualities


You don’t want him there, the players or board there. Week in week out we hear this from you.

I can’t do anything about it and neither can you.

We get where you are coming from. Do you really need to bang on about it all the time though ? I’m pretty sure the board aren’t swayed by the views on here (or the other place)

Here’s an idea, let’s boycott games. You’ll be sorely missed…


Thank God for PowerPoint


Why the fuck would he come here? Couldn’t get Bert from Mary fucking Poppins.


You swerved a car crash


Already plans for that in the televised game against Arsenal I think.


What, you not turning up?? Just who is saying this? Who is organising it? Barry the armchair warrior on social media? You won’t be there anyway.

If people don’t want to turn up it means others get the opportunity to do so perhaps?

Go cut your nose off to spite your face?

A immature petulant tantrum is all it’ll be, a bit like Brexit in many ways. There, I’ve said it.


So who then, oh wise one?


Its very very difficult to say as we’re fucked with a shite squad which everyone can see.

Short term - Pardew

Huge gamble but what have we left? We’re down with Hughes.


Sheesh Barry, in the land of ludicrous suggestions that is ultra ludicrous. Pardew??!!?? Might as well roll out BFS :lou_facepalm_2::lou_facepalm_2:


lol. Fucking Pardew.


We’ve no hands left to play, no one would come here, he did a job before and knows the club, he only got sacked for doing things he shouldn’t have been doing outside of football.
Stay with Hughes we’re down, we’re down and we’re fucked.


TBH Barry, with the talent we don’t have at our disposal no manager is going to save us…


So we stay with Hughes who’ll go when we get relegated, sack him now and get a manager for the championship then, Kruegar and Reed have to go first and then others but them first.


So your plan is sack him now, short term replacement Pardew, longer term no one. Great


Its hard to plan when you’re in the shit and don’t know what League you’ll be in, surely even you can appreciate that from my post? Now if we spent well and proper in the summer and got in a manager who had a good track record it would be different.

Did Hughes sign our summer signings by the way?
Because he doesn’t fucking play them.
The club is a shambles from top to bottom.


So you would sack him but admit you don’t have a plan. Ok then