:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)


:mancityfc: v :saints:

  • Saints gunna get butt-fucked
  • Saints lose massively
  • Saints get hammered but actually score a goal
  • Saints lose by a shed load
  • Score Draw
  • Bore Draw
  • Citeh somehow contrive to throw it all away and Saints actually win

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Come on the precurser to the quarter final of the carabou cup.

If we win this we lose the other and vice versa.

5-0 to them in this one.


Is it not on Sunday 4th as well usless mods


Buttfuck time I think. And not for City.


What are you talking about??


A Lawro speaks (This week’s guests are Matt Kean and Matt Nicholls, bassist and drummer in rock band Bring Me The Horizon.)

Man City v Southampton (15:00 GMT)

Southampton cannot buy a goal at the moment - they have only managed six from their first 10 league games.

So, their chances of getting anything out of this game will rely on their defence, and whether they can hold out at Etihad Stadium.

Saints kept a clean sheet against Newcastle and Bournemouth in their past two games, but stopping City’s attack is something else entirely. I cannot see it happening.

Lawro’s prediction: 3-0

BMTH’s prediction: 4-1


Non @saintbletch friendly poll added to the OP


Redmond will have a worldy and Pep will buy him for 200 mi in January, Long will score a hat-trick and then I will wake up and watch the game.

We will get buttfvcked, obviously. Not going down the pub to watch this.


Sat the 3rd


I take it the positions will be






Can we have an option where we lose, but @Barry-Sanchez praises the fight & determination of our players. Maybe even using the word “proud”. However unlikely, that’s what i’d go for :roll_eyes:


Could I plead its friday and 8 hours ahead of you?


What do you think the chances are the players proud? Its easy to look like you’re trying when you know you’re going to lose and be labelled as plucky, couldn’t be arse about such sentiment in these circumstances as football we’re told is a business.

They’ve been shit for nigh on 3 years and you expect a bit of heart against City?

You’re easy to please and you’re resistance has been well and truly subdued by the club.


This statement.

And this statement.

Don’t go together, do they?
If i’m so easy to please and subdued, why would i have asked for something so hard to achieve?


You ask for something that I am saying not the club, the club think we play marvelous every fucking week.
Maybe you do to.


I’m asking for you to be happy at the end of a game, rather than your usual. That’d surely mean we’ve played to a decent standard and maybe give a bit of hope for the season. So not the wish of someone that thinks it’s all rosy.
You seem to be against that. Why?


Well there we go, forgot to make the poll public so we can’t see who actually thinks Saints are going to win.

Neither can I add the SOS option.

I apologise in advance for my patheticness


But we rarely do and haven’t for a long time, we played well against Palace but we’re lucky in many respects, we’re shit and the performances show that.


We have been, but i’d still prefer to lose fighting, than accepting there’s no hope.
You’re going to be the hardest person on here to please, hence the above request.
No one believes we’re going to win, so the team playing better and fighting to the end seems a fair thing to aim for.


It was me. I’m going to keep predicting wins until we actually do and then I will be proved right and can have my own thread about how I am correct all the time :lou_wink: