:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)



Revised prediction 8:1


Fucking Cedric is a useless gutless cunt.


Aye, I know people like tatoos these days but that he has is minging…


I know they’re very good at keeping the ball but the ball isn’t half falling kindly for them at times!!


Well this was always going to go this way this season, fat Kat has fucked her mate and dad over, there is some consolation in that.
We’re for the drop and admin with our wages and knowing our inbred arrogance we wouldn’t have dreamed of having relegation clauses.



We know / knew we’re gonna lose. Leave it at that eh?


I’ve also said this a million times and I’ll say it again, its not the losing its the manner of losing. We’re soulless, gutless and pathetic and that team makes me sick.
There’s no Southampton in that team, there’s no spirit passion or pride, they couldn’t give a fuck.


Only a million? Seems a lot more than that.


Only 5:1 so far.

Think Citeh are probably going to take it slightly easier- bringing on Kompany

Still on for 8:1 though


The training videos on facey will get some pure fucking stick this week,.





Mccarthy may have played hos way out of the team today. Time to give the hired Gunn a crack eh?


Don’t even think Gunn or Forster could have done any better against this Citeh team tbf


Might have been worse had Forster been in between the sticks, mind you did McCarthy actually make a save?


He (along with may) looked like a rabbit in the headlights unfortunately. Who’s up for a new manager? If he doesn’t get the sack, he never will




That’s a Knee jerk reaction al a Baz.

He’s working with what he has - all massively average players tbf.

I’d leave it until the new year personally


Those were some seriously soft goals conceded.


Its not knee jerk from me as I don’t want him there and haven’t since the start of September, he’s shit, we’re shit, the club is shit.

Not knee jerk, I’d say that in the middle of a week when there luckily isn’t a game.

Its fucking purgatory.


who do you want instead?