:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)

:mancityfc: Man City v Saints :saints: (PL)


Obafemi on the bench. No Gabbiadini.


Or Gallagher


Or a spare DM


He’s injured I think.


Yeah, that bench kind of screams out “we are going to be chasing the game rather than hanging on to a lead”.


JWP is a plus. And Long will help in this fixture, IMO


Nah mate, with two spare centre backs waiting in the wings, we are planning on protecting our lead with six at the back!


1:0 to Citeh

Own goal Hoedt

Oh well


We scored!
Fuck it



Shooting fish in a Barrel springs to mind…


We are going to get absolutely dicked here.


3:0 in 18mins


I predict 8:0 at least



Just said to my dad that I can see a reverse of the Sunderland scoreline happening here! Adam and Dave making it sound like city are really amazing and unstoppable.


I am not usually one to get all 'Grown man crying /shouting at clouds ’ over football any more having left most of that behind in about 1979… but my concern is this group of players is NOT as bad as their results… there is talent and there is some skill, but they seriously seem not to have a clue what they are meant to be doing - disorganised and ‘not a Hughes side’ in that they are not all 7ft brick shit houses that bully teams… i was not happy when he was given the job full time as I dont think he is a very good manager and… I think it will take a relegation to get us back on track and find a young talented manager who can grow with the side… Our owners seem disinterested so one wonders why they invested?


Ingsy! Comeback is on…



Get in Ings


Fuck me we’ve scored.


Man City are rattled, I can sense it…


it was my doom and gloom that did it…


Ederson is one butt ugly motherfucker.