Let's bin social media

Let's bin social media


It means that you can put a post up that everyone can see except the people you leave out. As someone that has seen two teenage daughters go through high school in the social media age, I know full well that it is used as a platform for bullying.

This is a new option, which can be turned to exactly the same purpose. It’s also a big fucking poke in the eye to freedom of speech, which has the central tenet of being able to reply.

Fuck 'em.


Ah, gotcha - thanks.

That’s not good is it.

Another reason for me to pull my finger out and actually delete the fucking (unused) devil’s spawn from my life.


I think it’s been there a while. Pretty sure there were photos I’ve set to just certain people and thought the statuses were the same. But could be wrong.
Most of the ‘friends’ on facebook aren’t friend friends so why not exclude some of them from a status? Or just delete them. That’s probably a better option.


Surely you’ve got closed or secret groups for that purpose. I know they can still be used as a means of cyber bullying, but the Friends Except thing is a bit of an escalation, imo.

Everyone gets to see someone being called a twat except the person being called a twat.


True that’s what a whatsapp group is for.


That happens too. Juvy #2 told me her high school had a tumblr Gossip Girl group. Pretty grim stuff to be a teenager these days, compared to our innocent times. We got to switch off in the evenings. Thanks to social media, they never do.


It’s not just teenagers. My last work place had a whatsapp group. They even made comment on it openly. But some of us where never invited into it. I know they sent messages whilst in meetings at times. Was I commented on? Probably. My scintillating wit and repartee would no doubt need commenting on.


My company is promoting social media groups for the different positions in the company.

When I asked a managinng director why they had stopped the seminars for the maintenance dept his reply was you ask the management to many difficult questions.

When pointed out that the groups were unlikely to be used as no answers were ever forthcoming no reply.

Another way of getting staff to put into writing and on company material greivences that can and will be held against you. And as life offshore has shown twisted before they are used against you.