Let's bin social media

Let's bin social media


Remember Room 101? What a great show that was, until they turned it into Another Fucking Panel Show. We can’t really trade under that name. First, the format might be copyrighted. Second, O’Brien might be in there, waiting, saying “we’ve been expecting you, pap”. It’s not a road I want to travel, but I do fancy something quite like it.

Many of us use various forms of social media. Some aspects of certain platforms are annoying. That “Be Like Bill” thing became “Be Fucking Boring Repetitive Bollocks” quite quickly. My actual starter for ten is Bitstrips.

What would you bin from social media?


Twatter. Pointless unless you are one of those dicks who actually gives a shit about how many followers you or anyone else has. Celebs love it. Sums it up. Celebs can go fuck themselves. That is all.


I’m going to rubbish a previous point a bit; with a purpose. I am already the Sideshow Bob of this thread. I have used the medium to decry the medium. Here’s the real revelation. I had tremendous fun doing it. Bitstrip is actually a very fun thing to use.

While I claim no comic genius for the above 120 second work of art, the sad fact is that it’s a million times better than most Bitstrip shit you will ever see on Facebook. And make no mistake; that is a very sad fact.

The reason I’m willing to puncture my own point is because I wanted to make the distinction between tech and application. Bitstrip is a great tool when anyone approaches it with a decent application in mind. The problem is most don’t; it’s merely an enabler to spout their usual bollocks in a way that appears marginally more creative. I am not fooled.

I think the same applies to Twitter. My personal account is political and personal stuff. Sotonians is football-related taking the piss stuff, and trying to build awareness of us, basically. I’ve got other accounts for stuff that’d bore the arse off of non-technical people. People approach social media from different angles. Twitter can be useful. It can also be wilfully misused. One of the remarkable things about this nascent medium is that we’ve all got it into context so quickly after introduction.

Most of the time, it’s just Twitter, FFS. Sometimes, it’s genuinely useful and I am glad we have it.

There is plenty within it that I think we can collectively agree is distasteful, though.


I disagree, it’s all about how you use Twitter. For instance, I use it to keep up with news and sports, which it is excellent to use as a one stop shop.


How would I know what Steve Grant is having for breakfast if there was no twitter?


Twitter is by far the best thing out there. It’s not about self promotion and baby photos which is probably why it is failing.

Twitter is what you make it as it is down to who you follow. For example yesterday some knob who should stick to Facebook was desperate to get a retweet from Eddie Hearn so tweeted his receipt for the next Joshua fight along with his full address and telephone number. Some of the stuff that followed had me actually laughing out loud, not Internet loling or even whatsapp :joy::joy: but actually laughing. That hasn’t happened online since MLG posted on the Jonus bros forum or when me and bear got excilled to that serious saints forum, registered as each other and went to war.

Twitter won yesterday.


This thread has become another fucking panel show.


I haven’t logged on to Facebook for three month now - it great. Can’t say I’ve missed it.

Linked in - set up as a business network and has fast morphed into a public cv bank infested with recruiters.


Hadn’t seen Bitstrips before.

I reckon it’s pretty good…


Completely agree, sir. As always, it’s how such knowledge is applied :lou_wink_2:


I don’t own a blue tie.

I couldn’t create a comic as it wanted me to sign-up using Facebook - whatever that is.


I also don’t look like Will Self.

Do I?


Grown men should not tweet.


Originally posted by @Sadoldgit

Grown men should not tweet.

Agreed. Midgets, dwarves and hobbits only.


Respect your choice but amazingly I manage to keep up with news and sports without any great effort, despite not using Twatter. Indeed in some small way I keep up with Twatter itself, such is the desire of other media outlets to share certain great tweets with us. Example, MOTD, which shares some of the brilliant insights of players post match: “Great result, thats for the fans, thanks for your support”.


I thought twitter was only invented to help SSN waste half their airtime.

Do sane people actually use it.



I’ve defended Twitter to the hilt since joining in early 2009. Found it useful from day one but am becoming increasingly disillusioned, despite the frequent virtual pats on the head in terms of retweets/favourites. Twitter was its best around the time of our rise up the leagues; good memories.

Now I often self-moderate to the point of not bothering to tweet much, or catch myself mid-sentence, ponder ‘why?’ and delete the inanity I was about to broadcast. Looking back through my recent timeline makes me chuckle as half of it was more likely lobbed up out of a sense of obligation rather than a genuine desire to share.

S’quite liberating to realise that nobody really cares about your dumb opinions - or that if they do, they really shouldn’t.


TL;DR - interactions with human beings are more rewarding than staring at a screen.

Who knew?


Actually find Twitter really useful on a professional level. Very rarely contribute myself but great for keeping up to date.


Life affirming messages. Clearly I am not alone :slight_smile: