Let's bin social media

Let's bin social media


Is it The or A James Kyson? I seem to remember you pointing out that Ivan Golac joining Sotonians probably wasn’t the real deal…

Bloody good if he is following us - though I suspect after a while he’ll realise we’re a bucket of loons…



The real one, but to be fair, he follows a lot of people. 144K or something. We followed him back.


The worst thing about social media is David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe.


I became acquainted with a new word this week which helps better describe our worlds.


Intentionally vague statuses designed to elicit a response from the curious.

I’m watching one unfold right now. The first comment was “You ok hun xxx”. It’s fucking perfect!


To be honest I drive the C_S household mad with my lack of IT/Social Meedja awareness.

I don’t use Arsebook, Twatter, Chatsnap, though will use LinkedIn for jobs & Sotonians because I feel like I’ve been drawn into a cult and don’t know how to leave… .



Without having read through the entire thread, has anyone pointed out that this forum is simply another form of social media?

Anyway, here’s a reason for dumping twitter, perhaps.

‘Hate speech’ tweets painted at Twitter HQ in protest


Good protest that directly highlights how Twitter refuses to deal with its role in the spreading of hate.

But had it been in London the protesters would have been beaten to a pulp and charged with criminal damage, while the tax-dodging social media outlet would have been free to continue supporting hate crime.

As Frank Spencer once said, power to the people!

Well it was some bloke in a beret…


Thanks for that Mark, very interesting. I don’t do Twitter but do use FB as I can control who I associate with, not sure if you can do that with Twitter.



I thought that said tranny free work places -


Not quite a tranny but one of the stewards we have offshore minces up and down the allyway with pink training shoes and a little pink handbag,



I have never gone anywhere near social media, Facebook and the rest of it. There’s a reason why it’s free.:lou_smiley:


Errrm Sotonians?

Nothing is free

The Soviet will shortly be sending you an invoice, if not settled then details of your posting activity will be sent to all of your friends, family and everyone in your work directory - they know your browsing history…

How else do you think this site is financed?


Bumming on the docks.


Or dogging on the canal towpath so I’ve heard…




Has anyone seen the “Friends Except” option on Facebook when creating a post?

How the fuck is that anything except a mechanism for bullying and shit-stirring?


I only ever got to the initial setting up an account on Arsebook and have never posted or used it.

As I have no idea about it could you explain what the “Friends Except” thingy is?

Genuinely interested @pap