🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


I’m giving Hughes the benefit of the doubt because I have held the opinion for 3 seasons that our managers have not had a free hand -be that something like fitness coaches reporting to Les to tactics - just felt it was an issue and
Hughes making a comment about match preparation in his interview.

We could go after Thierry Henry to replace Hughes next week…
A lot of clubs having troubles with new managers at the moment, Bayern, Monaco, even Real


Yes please.


Yeah, i’d go for that. Or better still, give him Reed’s job(he is 62) and Marcelo Gallardo as manager.
That’d be a dream partnership.


We absolutely need someone with an identifiable plan and style. To borrow a phrase from Ralphy boy, someone to get more ‘percentage points’ from this group of players. Get them fitter, pressing as a unit etc etc.

Sadly this story isn’t even a rumour is it.

We don’t target people who have jobs either. Plus he is top of the league already with a great chance of getting Leeds back to the big time after a very long time away.


Our best spell was under Bielsa’s disciple.
Not sure he’d want to leave a Superdrug on the up for a club crumbling to ruins though…



A wonderfully insightful, balanced and well written article - and one that captures what I have been wrestling with since Reed’s departure.

He was the last custodian of the elements of Saints that I was most proud of - youth, coaching, formation and entertainment. He was often shit at what he did, often really shit, but what he wanted to achieve were my objectives too.

This from the article sums up my (perhaps false) conclusion that Hughes has been back over Reed.

Look back over Reed’s past statements about ‘The Pathway’, the value of 4-3-3, his dislike of sending young players on loan, and ask yourself if this man underwent a Damascene conversion, or whether he was simply overruled by know-nothings in pursuit of short-term gains.

And this captures some of my many concerns about Reed’s past performance and the hole it will leave.

Les Reed wasn’t perfect. While none of his decisions will have been made unilaterally or in a vacuum, and will have been subject to budget restraints, market forces, structural problems of football and the whims of his superiors, he presided [over] more than one dreadful appointment and some disastrous transfers in his last few years at the club. But Reed doesn’t deserve the kicking he’s endured over the years. Sacking the head of a school isn’t going to make much difference if the same financial and ideological pressures are brought to bear on their replacement, and the removal of the final link to Markus Leibherr’s Saints, which re-prioritised investment in both infrastructure and people, should chill us to our core.


Don’t disagree with much of that, except football has moved on.
Our 4-3-3 throughout the club was routed in possession a homage to tika-taka football.
Bielsa (& proteges) created the High Press which disrupted that style. Klopp and City have gone even further.
Football tactics and styles evolve, you CANNOT keep to the same style - our signings have been for tikka taka football. Watford will play with pace and power.
Reed did not evolve our style. That is why it was time for him to go.
It is also why imho Bielsa might be a signing 2 years too late. Teams are evolving to counter the press with quicker longer balls out from the back


So Hughes or Pulis should be perfect?



In short there is no money in January as the “roster” is deep.
There is a panel of 5 people and all 5 have no experience of football.
Hardly unsurprisingly its always been unanimous.

I may have read this wrong but Reed won’t be replaced like for like as Reed is a one and only, what does that mean exactly other than we’re a rudderless ship will bellends attached.


Why would Biesla come here under these circumstances?

If he said yes we’d have to deny him the job for being fucking off his rocker, Leeds on the up, bigger club by some distance and we’re run by no marks who know fuck all about football.


You missed the irony flags Bazza. He’ll be waving as they pass us on the way up.


Meanwhile, I’ve said to give Sparky time, something has been rotten in the state of Denmark.
Yesterday was gut wrenching, but I think #parklife may be just what we and the team needed to get the siege mentality and fight back.



The Southampton technical director sacked last week on performance grounds is now at the centre of an FA racism investigation, Sportsmail can reveal.

The FA declined to comment on Friday about claims against Martin Hunter by former Under 18s coach Paul Williams, who is now a scout at West Bromwich.

Williams, 47, a former player with Derby and Coventry, was sacked by Southampton four years ago along with coach Jason Dodd in what were said to be unusual circumstances.


Not very good for Krugers fastest growing brand profile

  1. No new investment (apart from into Kats pockets)
  2. Former coach found guilty of child abuse
  3. Shit first team football
  4. Academy team in second tier (I think Im right)
  5. Racism

Not sure apart from number 1. why he still is our chairman and more than that one of the highest paid. Someone needs to stop him putting out a press release saying that all is well and how great everything is because apart from the racism shit football and child abuse we are progressive enough to lead the way with a female dominated board. Im betting he is on the edge of his seat ready to shout about that

This lot have taken our club and shot it to shit


Seriously, child abuse and racism, that is bordering on Daily Mail levels of hyperbole…


Make of this what you will. Seems in opposition to the Ralphy rhetoric the other day.

"Hughes is considered a good coach on the south coast and one that can improve players, and the club intend to support him by looking for potential new additions in the January transfer market.

There is a consensus that they still lack the defensive leadership of Virgil van Dijk and the direct attacking pace they had in Sadio Mane - and they will look to address these areas."

So either Mr Gao doesn’t fancy owning a Championship side or (and more likely) Sky Sources are chatting bollocks again.



I get the feeling you’d be quite happy with that?