🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


Who wouldn’t be given the coincidence of his tenure with our success??


Yes he had a great record with us, but why would he come back?
Sure, Spurs didn’t work out, pretty shit life if you are in charge of recruiting players for a club that doesn’t buy any. But at RB Leipzig he is 3rd in Bundeslige chance of Champions League and master of all he surveys.
Does he have the Midas touch? Or was he lucky our path from L1 and his network were just ahead of the competition.

I’m in favour but the other points in that article about splitting roles etc.
Still think that department need to get our players fitter first


Anyone remember this guy?



To be honest I can’t see it happening for a number of reasons, most of which Phil has covered.

I think his name has been mentioned to the Telegraph just to keep the fans sweet as nothing is actually happening.

Why is Ross Wilson’s job so safe? He surely has to be culpable for some of the poor investments.


Yeah, can go along with that. Our only hope would seem to be, if he wants to return to England. Even then, we’d surely face competition and have to vastly improve his role & wages.
Wilson I worry about. Seems very important, but for no known reason. @Dubai_Phil what are your thoughts?


For now who else knows the club systems - Sparky’s team and Ross Wilson.
Scouting network, black box operating systems etc leaves him as pretty critical at this point in time to hold it all together having lost Les & Martin


Think this is just speculative.
No point whatsoever sacking him on Sunday when anyone new coming in will get spanked in our December games. I prefer the “review will continue at all levels” of the footballing side and a proper decision on the whole structure made - ie once all the new back office team are in place. Why sack Hughes now when the person who will oversee recruiting his replacement hasn’t been appointed yet?



Our Academy is “much praised”.
Southgate has rebuilt the England Team around youth.
Our National Under 21 and below teams are also prospering, a whole new generation of kids coming through.

So where the fvck are our 16-21 year old stars?

Just what the hell happened? Complacency? Surely cannot blame the coaches for not giving them a chance when only a few are out on loan even?

Love Hesketh Reed & Gape but they are nowhere near the levels of Sessegnon, Foden, Solanke etc.

WTF happened?


A bit unfair on the academy. Sessignon is a rarity. Foden and Solanke came through the 2 richest clubs in the UK - and both had to leave to get ahead. By the way… Have you seen how many players Chelsea have on their books ( and how many Chelsea have sent out on loan!).


This. And Sessignon is not setting the world alight in the Prem (yet) in the way everyone expected, though that might change.


A good manager/coach ie pochettino would’ve coached our young talent, improved them and get them playing in a progressive system that he had coached the whole team into playing.


We stole a march on everyone and got 5 years ahead of the game. Everyone quickly wised up and poured money into it.


Well done for your commentators curse! Hat trick for him at the weekend then :tired_face:


Les Reed is on “The Debate” on Sky Prem at 10.15 tonight. Might tape it to report later oth BS spoken.


I watched it last night. He came across well. He took the opportunity (albeit when asked) to point out that it is ironic that Spurs fans are crying about Pochettino potentially being poached by Man Utd.

He confirmed what we already knew and that Pochettino had been courted by those at Spurs over a fairly long period of time. What was funny was that when he said that it dawned on Tim Sherwood (another guest on the show) that he was still the Spurs manager at the time they were tapping up Pochettino!

Either way, if Ralph does well with us then I fear history could repeat itself with this situation. Early days but I think he is a top class manager waiting to ‘happen’.


One line stood out for me.

“We never signed a player that the manager didn’t want.”


Successful job applicant… https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-les-reed-appointed-fas-13763419


Wasn’t the job he had before he came to the Saints?


Jobs for the boys :lou_facepalm_2:

Having said that, @Dubai_Phil called it some time ago. Come in number 51, your schnitzel is ready!