🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


Kruegar in the Echo, this is worrying in so many ways

Break out the Moet!


I am actually in a state of shock!! Give me time to process this momentous event


I will say it first. Be careful what you wish for.
Also I think he was a couple of seasons past his sell by date.

It can also now make 2+2 = 5 because reading about Strachen being sounded out (as manager) seemed weird. But as a DoF with his experience, maybe


wheres Paul Mitchell?


Well that comes as somewhat unexpected news. I wonder who pushed this to happen. Maybe Ralphy boy does stalk these forums and realised he’s in for it if he didn’t throw/push his compadre into the path of the oncoming train first?

As Tripz says, it will take a while for this to sink in. Are we going to see some move movement of this nature perhaps?


Now for the rest of the pricks, Kruegar sprung into action (no doubt pushed by Gao or Leibherr).


Does Leibherr have enough shares left to have much of a say anymore? I can’t remember what percentage she retained when she ordered her takeaway.


She’s on the board, she’ll have a say.


20% i think, so doubtful.


This is true, just wondered how much weight it would realistically carry nowadays.


The unsubstantiated rumour was that Reed did NOT want to fire Pellegrino and argued for him to stay.
There were then rumours that he was being lined up for an FA role at St George’s Park.
Now he’s gone.
Perhaps, he has been sitting there saying I told you so all season and walked.



I thought she’d slimmed down a bit.


Interesting perspective, sounds plausible. I think wherever he crops up next and how quickly it happens will probably tell us most of what we want to know.

Though to be fair, we should probably all get our soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent underwear on and debate/worry over who will fill his spot. The debate and options suggested will doubtless become more and more ridiculous and/or worrying over the coming days/weeks!!


Hope you appreciate the work that went into carefully setting that one up for you!!


Rumours Ross Wilson gone as well.
Nothing substantiated


The hair dresser?



I’m Ralph Krueger … or is that Spartacus ?



I’d be careful identifying yourself as such on here, you know that the attack dogs will be on you in record time! Far better to frame someone else.