🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


One of Sam Allardyce, David Moyes or WGS


Don’t forget Baz :lou_wink:


Anyone read Ralphie’s interview on the echo site? If so could you please translate it into English?


Hockey Ralph in full crisis mitigation mode…

…we’re putting out fire, with gasoline…


One thing I’d take from that, amidst all the prolixity, is that Krueger appears to have an executive role, which he didn’t used to have. Not at all sure that this is a good thing.


We’re bummed :frowning:


The reader is warned that this interview is full of Ralphisms. I have attempted to translate some of them.

Ralph Bletch
The processes we experience in professional sport are sometimes extremely kind and enjoyable and sometimes extremely tough… Some shit things have happened
This week has been at the very extreme end of difficulty… It’s been a bad week.
…the ownership board, which I sit on, has made this decision and we feel it is the right time to look at a change of philosophy and a renewal of the process that we have in the club. We’ve shit the bed and are trying something new
One of the things we want to do is go through a very very intense process of analysis which goes in two directions… We really haven’t got a clue so we’ll have a long think and hope things get better
I will be chairing a team that will be working as a satellite outside of the… We’re sending some people into space? Nope sorry.
…outside of that I am chairing a satellite group which will be made up with people from inside the circle of the club… Nope still not sure what’s going on there
We will take what we have in the club and what we have and open our minds up to the football world… We’re probably going to go foreign, oh and cheap. Very cheap.
I am very trustworthy of the information and inputs I get… I believe a lot of people I shouldn’t
We feel we have an extremely deep roster right now… I still think I’m running a hockey franchise
There is an opportunity now, what I call a space, and we will move on into that space now and make it an opportunity and look at ways to make adjustments… I’ve no idea what will happen next but if I talk enough you’ll think I do





‘Roster’… seriously, someone teach this cunt the word ‘squad’.


See this is what I was bleating on about yesterday and it scares me. If we are doing so badly collectively AND individually and nobody wants our under performing players, then we will never have money to spend and won’t be able to get ourselves out of this mire. It is almost like we need a jump start with some fresh capital. Even if it came via a loan from the owner(s).

From Ralph:

" With regards Mr Gao, there was talk of investment in infrastructure rather than the team which hasn’t come to fruition yet. Can we expect that or, as you indicated at the fan’s forum, Mr Gao’s investment was in buying the club and for the time being that’s where his investment ends?

That’s where we are at right now.

I would never say never about the future but at the moment we are running a responsible business and our numbers are transparent for everybody to see here in the UK, which is a good thing.

Everybody can see we are running a responsible, self-sustaining business where we reinvest everything back in football.

There is investment there because you could hypothetically say as an owner ‘ok, I have invested this so I am taking this out every year,’ whereas we reinvest everything back into football so it’s self-sustaining with reinvestment."


He’s now told sky sports that they’re confident Hughes will turn performances around and has their backing. He also said that one of the reasons Les left is because the teams performance was poor. So Reed took training, picked the team and insisted on 4-4-2. Odd.



QPR, City and Stoke do not hold him in much respect, in fact they’d drop him in shite.

Do you like football?


Gao is a charlatan who’s been done by a charlatan, quite funny I suppose.


Previous record at Stoke was v good, they were v happy for several seasons.

Yes, I attend regularly and manage to understand what I see


Was it?
So his record didn’t get him sacked?


'Tis the way of modern football. Five season’s of success followed by half a season of under-performance will get you the sack…I thought you realised.


Why ask @Barry-Sanchez? Surely with your fine tuned anti-Saints radar you’d know if @Bucks didn’t like football.

Pot, kettle, black an’ all that…


He said exactly the same thing last year about Pellegrino. And it was all Van Dijk’s fault that we were shit.

Clearly this years pantomime villain, up for sacrificial slaughter is Lesley.

Doesn’t explain this comment in the article though:

“We are expecting a change in performance and a change in results with some minor shifts we have done within the club.”

What minor shifts? Are they now letting them train with size 5 footballs? Are they allowing them to practice both shooting and defending? Have they gotten rid of the 0-0 bonuses?