🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


We’ll never find him again if he goes in your garage.


He just doesn’t know the danger, does he?

They start to smell after a bit.


Big Bad Bob loves an edit and a thread merge!


To be fair Wilson probably deserves the chop as well.

The only problem would be timing. If they binned him now as well, it would be glaringly obvious to everybody that the owner isn’t happy about the money spent on crap players. Those crap players are also going to know that they’ve been indirectly informed how crap they are because people are losing their jobs because of them. So not only are they crap, they are now also painfully aware of how crap they are and will be completely bereft of confidence as well. But we still kinda need these crap players with no confidence to bumble their way through the season and try to keep us in the division.




You won’t find many players in the PL lacking in confidence and self belief, imho. The astronomical sums paid to them see to that, no matter how crap they actually are.


Which is the second problem we have as MLT said down here, the players are utterly bereft of confidence.

I think Hughes has 2 games to show if he is left alone with his team that he can get them playing & focused.
Reading his interview wtf did it mean when he implied others were responsible for preparing the players to start games?
I would like to see what he can do without what appears to have been interference.
He can’t solve player quality, but turning around confidence could be a big step. Especially with the strikers


Les leaves and the 1st team train at SMS.


I was thinking more along the lines a confidence issue, the molly coddled bellends really are scared little lambs.
What a World we live in,


One game, Hughes has one game to show what he can do.


Do you think that’s all he has? Plus what can Hughes change in one game that shows he’s a now a decent manager?


He isn’t a decent manager, he previous record shows that, he isn’t now going to become Ferguson or Shankly, he’s shite, he can’t change anything but you can still be shit and win/manage a game.

(Unless you’re Mark Hughes)


His previous record? You mean achieving Stoke’s highest league position since 1974/5 in his first year? Followed by two more 9th place finishes? On the money Baz as always


Silly Bucks, that was obviously all luck.


This is an interesting issue. Would it be fair to say he achieved. That with what could be regarded as a ‘stoke/Hughes ‘ style and side? A lot of big well organised brick shit houses that defended well and bullied the lesser sides?

Is that unfair? I know most would have been very critical of his Stoke team style and when he tried to change this by adding more creative players it all failed… (think how much better Shaquiri Was before Hughes managed him and how much better he is now under Kliperty)?

I worry is that we are failing because Hughes simply does not know how to work with integrating more flair players into a side, and we don’t have the ‘bulk’ for his normal defensive style?

Maybe that is all a bit simplistic, but I have not seen us play with any joy or smile on our faces in any of his games in charge… it’s disorganised huff and puff…

Choice to me is either stick with Hughes and watch him turn us into Stoke… or get someone less one dimensional even if it means relegation to give a younger tactically astute manager a chance to grow and develop with us… as Bourne mouth did with Howe…

The departure of Reed seems to suggest Gou is about survival at all costs … so the former is more likely… :flushed:


The problem is no manager gets a chance to grow and develop with us because as soon as we lose a couple of games there is much bleating and misery.
Also with regard to Shaquiri, I thought he did ok under Hughes at Stoke, as did Bojan. I think the big bunch of bruisers tag is overdone with Hughes. Anyone from that Stoke side is going to look better playing in the current Liverpool team. Particularly lazy cunts like Shaquiri who have less reason to worry about chasing back.


Agree with you @goatboy. Shaquiri was there for two seasons before the relegation one, when they finished ninth and then 13th. And worth remembering that Stoke were still awful after Hughes was replaced.



Oh, someone’s not going to be happy…


Alan Pardew?