🗡 Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall

:dagger: Les Reed and Martin Hunter Fall


As you agree with that article, you need to give Reed some credit for his previous achievements, which I don’t recall you doing during all your ranting.


Want an unsubstantiated rumour?

Apparently gao did this by the way, has had two of his men at the club for last week
And go…


Meh, I think he’s a lucky bastard.

Lucky because Cortese needed his phone book. Lucky when Cortese left, gaining more power simply by virtue of being there. Lucky to have a decent youth setup. Lucky for having a good scouting system. Lucky because Koeman needed a job.

Things have been spiralling increasingly downward since Koeman left. You can’t imagine they’d let Ralph Krueger make any footballing decisions, so from then to now is All Les, Baby.

You look at all his luck, and how it suddenly disappeared when our top players and staff did the offs, and it was all him, and you wonder about his actual achievements. He was a dreadful manager, and if you look at the rapid and seemingly unfixable state of the product on the pitch, he was a fucking awful director of football too.


He got lucky with Koeman.


If that was luck then it was poor luck with the later appointments. Bollocks


Once maybe, not twice, or even three times.


Where are we getting this fiction that Koeman was a brilliant manager, IIRC we were woeful before Christmas and he suddenly switch to a formation that had everyone playing to their best. Conflate that with Pelle and Mane finding some form just after Christmas.

The next season we added to the squad with van Dyjk but were still woeful before Christmas, Long found some form after Christmas and we went on a good run winning a lot of games (even our new signing Austin scored the winner against Utd)

We finished the season in 6th despite Koeman IMHO.


To me it’s very simple, @Bucks. Reed was “good” when good people were around him, and I absolutely agree with Barry when he says we got lucky with Koeman. We did.

His years in charge saw our last great football, and our last great signings. Cup run aside, it dried up thereafter.

I would say a couple of things in his defence. He was obviously working under constraints, what with the sale of the club and all. Also, hand on heart, he was probably wrong to listen to dickheads like me and eject Puel so quickly, the last manager to get anything consistent out of Gabbiadini.

But we definitely got lucky with Koeman. It’s no coincidence that we ended up with a load of very tidy players from the Eredivisie and surrounding leagues right at the moment we’d lost five first team players.


With Les gone, what is it Ralph Krueger does next?


I note the title of the thread now contains Ross Wilson. Has he actually gone as well then? Not on the official site or twitter.



That’s some seamless moderation there, @BTripz. Seamless.

No one will ever notice we got it wrong.

@Simon-says will wander for days in a state of fuzz, asking again and again, “was it me?”.

It’s 1984 all over again, is what it is *

* Apart from Pipes of Peace being number one.


As one old boss said to me “all boats float on a high tide”

Guess the tide went out.


He’s obviously not driven around the Holes Bay in Poole!!!


Please don’t mention that around @saintbletch. He’ll think Holes Bay is something else.



“What we don’t want to happen now is…”


I thought the court restraining order meant he wouldn’t be tempted to do “that” again?


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