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His lawyer offered for him to hand himself in, on the condition they guaranteed no extradition and there really isn’t a genuine reason to extradite him.
This isn’t the first UN report and even if someone breaks the law, they are still entitled to basic human rights.


Human rights my arse, he’s living the life of Riley in that embassy no doubt.

Anyway, you’re correct he may not have lied but the information he got he, basically, stole so I would think the US government have every right to want him extradited and tried…


He has limited human contact. They’ve cut his Internet access. It’s a prison. A very nice prison, but a prison nonetheless. He also has an indeterminate sentence.

It’s a one man concentration camp, at least in the sense he’s only there because his political views are inconvenient.


He’s a publisher, so never stole anything.
The guardian published the Snowden files. Is there an extradition request for everyone involved in that?
And we know they print factually incorrect material.


He is a self absorbed narcissist who played with peoples lives to promote his own notoriety. Do you think for one minute he lost a nights sleep about that soldier kid who got thrown to the wolves?

Did he fuck

He is a prisoner of his own design. He should come our serve his time and then fuck off back under the rock he crawled from


Seriously, that’s just like a guardian headline and as close to the truth.

That kid, as in Chelsea Manning? Yes, him and Wikileaks, both. This will prove it(and much else).
Section headed “Bleaching the record” for this particular bit(it’s a long article).

Again, yes he did.

He’s a political prisoner and you’d have to live under a rock not to see that.


Pilger really doesn’t like the guardian and the halfwit Harding(can’t blame him).

MPs across Europe getting involved.