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Really? Who pulls the strings behind RT and sputnik?


Unlike you, i believe he has a far greater range of source material.
You could of course show evidence of continued fabrications by these publications and we can put them in the guardian, bbc level of reporting.
Do it Barry, show these people are as much blatant liars as our most trusted press have been shown to be time and again.


Source material, I just spat out my cup of tea then.


Like Robert Parry. Want to embarrass yourself again?
You could always put up a Luke Harding fabrication, just to emphasis the point.





Mark Curtis on RT. That’s all the proof some will need to prove he’s a Russian agent, whilst continuing to believe repeat liars.


He tweeted this on August 17th:


I suspect that it will be a case of a charity getting a ton of public money and going rogue - What I would like to know is after we hand out all this cash to these organisations, who actually checks that it is being used wisely / for its intended purpose.



Is he a criminal with a warrent for his arrest authorised by interpol


Arrest the fucker when he exits the embassy then.


Is he a criminal? I believe there is a uk warrant for arrest (for skipping bail on a subsequently dropped case) but not so sure about interpol.


I have know idea if he is a criminal or not

What laws has he been accused of breaking?

If he has a warrent issued by Interpol he must have broken somebodys laws / heart


I think he’s committed the ultimate crime of embarrassing the fuck out of the US.


Well let him leave the Embassy and go where he likes then.

Nothing bad to him will happen I am sure



He has skipped bail for which he should be arrested and probably bailed assuming he wasn’t a flight risk

The problem here is that the US will immediately request he extradition


It’s a weird one. He took asylum with Ecuador, which made it awkward to fulfil the terms of bail.
The US already has requested and our government have consistently refused to answer if they have agreed(that’s a yes).
He’s a publisher that has never published a false story or document and his treatment amounts to torture.


The thing is, he has defied the courts in the UK. The courts take that shit seriously. That he chose to leg it into asylum is his issue. If he came out and surrendered his passport, we would arrest him, bail him, convict him, probably imprison him for a short period and then we would be done.

Obviously after that it’s anyones guess. He might be extradited, he might not.

But for the UN to start squealing about it being in humane is a bit rich. Are they saying we should just forget about the fact he broke the law in this land.


Probably wouldn’t get bail as its a breach of his original bail conditions that he would be arrested for. However I doubt he’d get more than a few months jail time considering the original case has been dropped.