🇦🇺 🇸🇪 🇪🇨 Julian Assange

Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Trump bars a journalist from the White House briefings and the whole of the US press is up in arms. Why the lack of solidarity with Assange?


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Because he has stuff on everyone.


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“Russia Today” yes that impartial news source, which in no way has any links at all to the Kremlin. I hope they try and sue The Guardian as they will have fact checked anything that goes to print.

Goaty just loves RT.

It works, there’s a real problem though with how information is consumed and how facts are now fluid and emotion is more important to sway voters,

lol. Despite Manafort’s passport showing he wasn’t in Britain the Guardian printed that he met Assange 3 times in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Did he sign in? No. Is there cctv of him visiting? No. The Guardian are bang to rights and are being sued by Assange who has offered them £1million if they can provide any proof. The Guardian are furiously back-pedalling to a ‘anonymous sources told us’/ '‘the Russians planted the story’ defence. Wherever the quotes came from, you are talking bollocks Ted.

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Batshit mental Russophobia. Lap it up boys.


So a Russian bot is using the BBC as validation, you couldn’t make it up…

The Guardian obviously have.
Your Russophobia is very dull by the way. You accuse others of being tinfoil hatters and you are the worst culprit. That Merkel’s from the East. Do you reckon she’s colluding with Putin to let him march through the EU?

First Robert Parry, now Mark Curtis. Oh dear Barry, you’re not helping your cause.


That’s 2 threads he’s lost all credibility on. If you don’t support Barry’s narrow and shallow argument you are a Russian bot. Pitiful.

If i’m a Russian bot, why the fuck am i still working as a builder?
Putin has fooled me. The shame.



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Did Trump and Putin collude to fix and gerrymander elections?

If they did meuller can’t find it. Clinton and the dnc definitely did.

Lets see what the court finds out, you won’t believe it though, it’ll be a stitch up, I’d never have you as a Trump man by the way.