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What court? As soon as the lawyers for the Russians turned up and asked for disclosure, meuller retreated faster than the Italian army.
Only one country has been linked to this whole thing. Do you know which country that is?


Cohen if true ie the link between Moscow/Putin and Trump could be very damaging, that is to what I refer.

Any comment?


What link? Any evidence of anyone doing anything connected to the election?
Everyone’s that been charged, has been for financial irregularities(just as the whole of Washington could) and i’ll ask again, which country did that involve?
Where is any evidence of collusion?


Its funny you ask for hard evidence (Cohen could possibly provide it) and yet use links that are aligned to Russia.


After over 2 years of no evidence whatsoever, for the original claim, it’s a fair question.
Where have i used links ‘aligned’ to Russia?






Possible, but doubtful, as the whole thing seems to be a sham. There have been some highly illegal actions, that no one wants mentioned, hence the hysteria we’re witnessing.


Bot the Builder?




I have to wonder how much of this is orchestrated by the Guardian, or is just sloppy editorial control. Their proof reading, or lack thereof is infamous, but their fact checking is increasingly poor as well. They printed that article recently about the woman “arrested” in Dubai for having a glass of wine on a flight which was all bollocks, purely because they didn’t do any checking.


Interesting that they haven’t followed up their ‘bombshell’ story 3 days later. I’m sure it’s ok though as SaintBristol and Barry assure me they only print the truth.


They never printed a retraction or correction of that Dubai story either. Then they have the gall to ask for money in the middle of their articles.


May be a bit different in this case though as Assange has threatened to sue and has also offered to bet them £1million that the story is false. He also rather cheekily offered to donate his winnings to the Guardian to put towards training for their ‘journalists’. Doesn’t sound like someone worried about losing does it?



Where have I said that?

You look for twitter echo chamber crap.



Maybe by things like your next sentence.

The only difference, @Goatboy has a far larger, instant, multinational(not just western, fully paid up stenographers) ‘echo chamber’, that’s not wholly owned by a few vested interests, that have been proved to lie and lie and then, when caught to(have you guessed yet?), lie yet again.
I don’t know why anyone would question the so obviously unbelievable. Do you?
If you doubt that, turn any of their fairytales into exactly that for your children. You know, just start it with, once upon a time, then see how far you get before the child pulls you up because it’s too ridiculous to be true. I’d suggest the Salisbury farce for an easy introduction. You could probably get a link to Shakespeare in, if you have more imagination than our SS.