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Shooting range?

They do like killing the fishermen.

Just as well Jesus isn’t about now. Poor bloke has probably got his old man telling him to get his arse back down here and sort the mess out, to which Jesus answers, have seen how they treat the fishermen, i wouldn’t make it past 12 years old and imagine the problems when they find out who i am. Remember last time?


^^^ Warsaw Ghetto anyone. :lou_sad:








Some interesting comments and counter comments on this on Twatter - possibly not as clear cut as this one seems at first glance.


Sara Netanyahu has been charged with Fraud involving misuse of state funds. Her old man, the subject of several ongoing corruption investigations, has described the allegations against his wife as absurd and unfounded. The Palestinians had better keep their heads down, Benny boy will be needing a diversion or two.

Meanwhile still no mention at all in our media of Israel’s fury after Kensinton Palace issued details of Prince William’s forthcoming trip to the region. His itinery for the second day’s visit refers to East Jerusalem, where he is visiting, as Occupied Palestinian Territories. Which of course it is, and accepted as such by international law and all civilized people. The apartheid regime are spitting feathers, Jerusalem Affairs minister, Zeev Elkin,( crazy name - crazy guy), said, “It is regrettable that Britain chose to politicise the royal visit. Unified Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years, (hahaha), and no twisted wording of the official press release will change the reality. I’m expecting the Prince’s staff to fix this distortion.” Breathless arrogance! Get ready for the howls of “anti-semitism”----------.

Speaks volumes about control of the MSM in this country that none of them are reporting this, even though it has been running for several days in Israeli and Middle East Press in general, RT etc. I have no doubt that someone will have a quiet word in the ear of the press bod at Kensington Palace and the Apartheiders expectation will be granted.


Agree, @nottarf-krap . I think the paper that used to be known as The Guardian of Manchester could reasonably labelled the Guardian of apartheid in 2018. There are a lot of other things it guards too. It could just as easily be called the Guardian of New Labour, the Guardian of the establishment or the Guardian of what you’re allowed to discuss.

Which brings me back to the Guardian of apartheid thing. I suspect most Guardian readers are appalled at events in Israel, and would fill the comments pages with strident, well argued positions that had fuck all to do with antisemitism, loads to do with deadly violations of international law, and much criticism of a poltical lobby that is both practising apartheid and spending huge sums around the world to blur the lines or destroy anyone that draws them accurately.

The Guardian gets around this problem by just not allowing people to comment on much involving Israel. They censor more than any other paper online. The recent deletion of the Steve Bell cartoon should be confirmation of exactly what they’re guarding.


The guardian are terrible for not allowing comments, especially when they are knowingly lying in their propaganda piece.

OG has done numerous articles about their censorship of comments that upset the narrative with facts.

They are state propaganda stenographers, just like the BBC.

JC wrote a good article about the story and how it leads us all, until we are brave enough to open our eyes to the truth of what is deceitfully done in our names. Unfortunately most people don’t want to admit they’ve been fooled, so continue to go along with the murderers, even when the evidence they were shown proves to be made up bullshit.





“Archaeologists and historians have developed a controversial theory” :joy:




Does anyone else want the sense of Israel wanting to get all of its business done, now, in this highly opportune window?

Over in the US, we’ve got Trump, the most pro-Israel President I think the US might have ever had. He has officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Over here, we’ve got Brexit, plus the most effective opposition the Israeli government might have in the British press, having to defend itself from manufactured charges of antisemitism, most often laid by members of its own party.

Whether Corbyn has accepted the IHRA definition in full is pretty moot. Plenty of other places have, which means you can’t compare Gaza to a ghetto without being labelled antisemitic.

There is a real sense of making hay while the sun shines here. The tragedy is that Israelis will be “mowing the lawn” instead. That’s an IDF euphemism for the murder of Palestinians, btw.


A very long, but very good read:


This struck me as very petty and vindictive.

I hope the wheelchair user was able to make other arrangements


Better late than never i suppose, at least the Guardian have published the letter, but what an absolute disgrace that there has been no mention of this barbarism in the MSM since it happened a week ago. From the BBC, for all their so called reputation for their championing of ‘The Arts’, not a peep. Has it really got to the stage where the general public in this country are being kept in the dark about outrages like this because the perpetrators are The State of Israel? That would appear to be the case. I would probably be labelled Anti-Semitic by some for even writing this post! So be it.


If we had independent journalists of the ilk of those covering the Vietnam War, we’d have pulled our people out of every little grubby hellhole of our creation long ago.

When Blair invaded Iraq, we had this little fucking gargoyle giving Tony the journalistic equivalent of a nosh.

It has been this way for far too long, and if Brits could only see what their licence fee and taxes pay for, they’d be demanding their money back, plus compensation for the fucking trauma.