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Sorry Bob, the first one is a bit harrowing, but the second is informative, when trying to understand how one person can view anothers life as so completely worthless(women and children included). The glee in their voices when they hit an unarmed person hundreds of metres away, that is no threat to anyone is very revealing and somewhat sickening.


I’ve gone to some lengths to understand this issue. I’d still recommend Yoav Shamir’s Defamation, which is one of the best things I’ve seen in seeking to understand it. I’ve linked it here before.

I take the view that no human is born with a moustache twirling streak of evil. I remember our eldest coming back from school at age five and asking us what a “nigger” was. A black kid had just started at her school, my daughter had been given the responsibility of chaperoning her around in her first days at school. During the prosecution of her duties, there was a five year old boy who called her young charge that name.

That boy was a racist at five years old, and there was really only one way it could have happened. He was conditioned to be so by the people around him. I’ve no doubt he thought himself utterly in the right to parrot sentiments he’d heard elsewhere.

Shamir’s film shows the same thing happening systematically, in the education system, in Israel. These kids are taught by their own state that Israel is the only safe place in the world for them, that the rest of the world is anti-Semitic, hates them and will kill them, given the opportunity.

It’s heartbreaking to watch, but it went a long way to explaining the situation for me personally. That five year old racist probably won’t be a racist when he grows up; he’ll probably end up thinking that the people who taught him those things were utter dicks. Israeli kids are subject to a curriculum which teaches them that the world is as dangerous for Jews today as it was in Hitler’s Germany, and that they have a natural right to the country they live in, and that the Palestinians are the invaders. What chance do they got of swerving that direction?

Astoundingly, some do, and it is Israeli dissidents like Yoav Shamir and Jonathan Cook that often provide some of the most insightful analysis of life in that country.



Well, that ain’t gonna help their cause is it?!





Yeah, that’s not weird.


I suspect the punishment will be the same as it is now…death.


Don’t think it’ll stop anyone. Why would it, when as you say, death whatever. Imagine that being your only choice, humiliating subservient death, or peaceful protest death.

They shot more than 12000 people over the 6 weeks, that were absolutely no threat to them(apart from the baby that could almost sit up independently).

Over 2000 a week, every week, with dumb-dumb bullets, purely because that massively inflates the chance of crippling the innocent victim.

What fucked up psychopaths they are.


Need one say more…horrible. :lou_sad:






So why does the UK do nothing?

Why does the USA do nothing?

Why does the EU do nothing?

The rest of the world…?

I’m ashamed that we don’t.

I’m appalled that our elected representatives feel it is ok not to act.

I feel helpless that I can’t make it stop.


If the UK/US did nothing that would be a massive improvement. Unfortunately we sell the cunts weapons and offer support wherever possible.



At least the Chinese are on board:








The guardian are censoring Steve Bell?

Bell does some brilliant work and him and Rowson are about as close to reality as the present guardian can hope to get.

Have they explained why? He’s been accused before i think.

What a fucking shambles that paper has become.

Thinking about the media and Cook.

Doesn’t look great for the guardian.




What does this look like to you?


Similar to the madrasas in Pakistan paid for by Saudi, this isn’t our foreign policy this is theirs the Saudi’s, we just can’t bring ourselves to admit it.