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This has sadly happened in other places, not sure in 2013 though.


It’s a racist state. Created in 1948, it took a fuckload of international pressure and 36 years before black Jews were admitted.

Therefore I am entirely unsurprised at this revelation.


The US were running forced sterilisation programmes about a century ago. Worse, eugenics was something many nations were involved in.

Not too many are comfy about admitting that.


Neither are many forthcoming about admitting they used data from human experiments by the Nazis.


America certainly took a lot more than rocket scientists. The CIA can vouch for that.








And we’re told time and time again not to forget what Hitler and the Nazis stood for so that mankind doesn’t make the same mistakes again…seems someone forgot to remind him.


Unfortunately he is correct, the UK does business with all sorts, I think the only nations we may do business with otherwise would be New Zealand and Ireland.


And you wonder why the pro-Israel lobby wants to ban comparisons of present Israeli policy and prior Nazi policy, eh?


None so blind as those that will not see.



If you need to be strong before you can negotiate peace, is he advocating that all his Arab neighbours become nuclear powers?

There’d be a lot of peace then, right?


He really is a psychopathic, compassion free, genocidal fuck nugget.



The Donald is a :mapoftasmania:

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